Tuesday, 24 July 2012

TT: Tea

TTT! Oh how I amuse myself.

Tea is the great drink of millions.

What would I do at 3 o'clock in the afternoon if not for tea? How would I console a friend without the offer of this comforting beverage? What would perfectly accompany my butter cake at morning tea?

Britain would sure not be 'Great' if it weren't for the introduction of tea.

I love all kinds of tea - green tea to calm the stomach and the mind, English breakfast to fill my soul with comfort in the most difficult of times, berries, tropical fruits and all things in between when I feel like an adventure and whatever other kinds there are - Prince of Wales another staple favourite!

Look at my very own herbal tea from regional flavours. Pick some herbs, add some hot water and you have one lovely little beverage - we don't need no fancy schmancy here.

Teapots are wonderfully little things as is the whole tradition of tea - how to make the perfect cuppa is truly an art form. A slow four minute brew for black tea - yes please! Just like my life philosophy I like my tea strong and character heavy.

This recent purchase got me all nerdy inside...

I might possibly joke that it holds more tea because it's bigger on the inside, and I might possibly swirl the teapot in mid air TARDIS style (sound effects included) but hey judge all you like - this little blue box makes tea time even better.

Hope we are all having a wonderful working week - sadly I'm back at uni - tertiary education is so not worth the pain!

Hmmm... and on that note - I best put on the kettle.


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