Tuesday, 3 July 2012

TT: Heading South

Ok, not to the land of chivalry, manners and luscious accents. But south of home nonetheless.

Last week I ate and shopped my way through the streets of Melbourne.

The last time I was in Melbourne I was complaining in the back seat with my brother as we were chained to the horror that is family road trip "vacation". I must have only been about 13 so Melbourne was a bit of a blur and back then the words credit card and chef hat restaurants were not in my vocabulary.

So Melbourne was new, exciting and although not too far from home, my travel bug was getting a little dose of well overdue medicine.

So this week I shall explore the streets of Melbourne with you. So Tuesday is long overdue tasty. If there is one thing Melbourne is known for it is the coffee culture - it is insanely coffee crazy. Naturally, I felt right at home. It seems a love heart a top your delicious beverage is not enough for Melbournites. Check out these uber artistic mugs. Baristas of Melbourne I thank you!

You are not seeing things that is indeed a face!

Brunch - oh my Melbourne knows how to brunch! Not one bacon, egg or toast disappoints. White onion soup for at 10am? Why not! Things served in jam jars! Baked eggs, perfect poached eggs, slow cooked eggs, deliciousness as high as a free flowing balloon. Check out these awesome places if you ever go - Hardware Societie, Auction Rooms and Cumulus Inc were my favs.

And of course you cannot mention Melbourne without the word chocolate! Haighs, Koko Black, Ganache, Lindt Cafes - it is my paradise, there will never be any such thing as too much chocolate!

Cakes! This famous institution Houpetoun Tea Rooms was amazingly charming.

I lost count of the number of quirky cafes I dined in - god knows my stomach thanked me for it. Wander off the main laneways and stumble upon these hidden treasures - it's what Melbourne is all about.

Also - do yourself a favour and download the free urbanspoon app!

I didn't want to be that novice who pulls out her camera at classy restaurants. I like to pretend I'm someone else at these fancy shmancy joints - the lady of leisure who dines like this at least twice a week, the sophisticated woman whose second home is a chef hated restaurant - that kind of persona. So naturally I have no evidence of my lovely evening at Cutler&Co. but it was an experience I'll never forget.
As I have always said I'm not one for pretentious eating but this wasn't overly king like and there was an element of cool and casual which I thoroughly loved. And it was a refreshing change to feel looked after, that little bit important and that slightly special pulling at your heart - I think I could get use to someone putting my coat on. My taste buds and my senses were most certainly enjoying the best party they have ever been to.


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