Tuesday, 31 July 2012

TT: Food Bowl

Delectable delights indeed!

You only need attend an event like this to be convinced Masterchef has indeed changed a nation of meat and veg into a nation of Paris mash, duck confit and chef celebrity.

This was sadly not a free event and hardly a free tasting was in sight but despite the monetary value this was surely an event to to smile at. All the best Brisbane restaurants were there selling their food - yum yum! I whine on about a lovely night out at high class restaurants - how I don't get it enough so thank heavens for such events as this!

Live music at every corner, bean bags, umbrellas and tables to chill and soak up the lovely backdrop of the city botanic gardens. This was definitely the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday.

Check it out.

mmm duck confit with a liquorice tuille

Fresh sourdough with raclette cheese and onion - so French! And who can't past a gournet burger - I'm salivating at the memory.

Lazy Sundays -

Some sort of fancy pie (I forget the name) with Paris mash and the most delicious prawn dumplings in a seafood broth -

mmmm.... chefs...


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