Sunday, 15 July 2012

SS: What's Happening Brisbane?

I'm being Brisbane and I'm being awesome! Is what it would say if it could talk.

Seriously though my little home city is brewing with excitement.

This happened many a week ago but I felt like it still needed to be documented.

Don't scold me - because I know if I were you I would be shouting at screen this exact question: "Soooo Alicia you couldn't find the time to sit down and blog and yet you found the time to go out with your friends and take lovely photos of Brisbane?"

Weeelll.... the very unsatisfactory answer to that is yes, sorry, I was being selfish - I'm often being selfish.

Anyway, a month and a bit ago Brisbane was a light with things to see, places to visit and events full of culture and delight.

All in one Friday night this happened:

Theatre Anywhere: Literally! Amongst the busy city streets along comes five eager young stars, a sign is erected and a small amateur play begins amongst the crowd. Strangers crowd to hear the talent, people stop for there's something new. Just Fabulous!

Pop Up Paniyiri: A mini Greek celebration!

Live Music along the river, big blue comfy as hell bean bags - well I must say that's one lovely way to spend an afternoon.

And random.... Fruit Ninja competition? Let us not question, because that's awesome!

in its' own way, it's a beautiful little corner of the world.

All this culture and celebration is excelling at full speed - Brisbane's waking up from a very long sleep.

Much more to come in the following months - Brisbane festival will be in full swing, Regional flavours will delight the tastebuds and whatever else little Brissy can do it will.


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