Sunday, 22 July 2012

SS: Southbank Delights

Southbank + Food = a delightfully tasty combination!

This weekend marked the beginning of delectables - a two week celebration of food - a heaven for hardcore foodies like me. My beautiful Southbank was host to a weekend of regional products of every edible kind - farmers, small businesses and local restaurants came together selling their delicious products - maybe I sampled a little too many samples, but you can't blame me - what sane person would say know to free food. A 'grow' series also features - focussing on the value of freshly grown produce - an instant rural garden amongst the towering city backdrop - what a perfect pair.

I also saw the fabulous Amina and Fillipo from this year's Australian Masterchef, listened to local singers while sitting on a very eco-friendly cardboard chair, picked my own collage of fresh herbs for a personally brewed herbal tea and simply enjoyed the atmosphere that is Brisbane.

And the best part - more foodie events to come!!

Check out these little gems from my Saturday adventure -

Sunflowers about to begin life -

Funky wheelbarrows filled with beautiful herbs -

Amina and Fillipo strutting their culinary skills -

Cute -

The local talent -

The cameras were getting their daily exercise and see - look at the chairs!

A beautiful store filled with gorgeous baskets and and decorations perfect for the garden -

One very cool cow -

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