Sunday, 29 July 2012

SS: Olympic Spirit

It's Street Style with a twist - let's expand on the term because who doesn't want to comment on the four year grand event that is THE OLYMPICS!

We all know I am no sports fanatic and I cannot tell the difference between particular sporting codes but once every four years I watch sport. The Olympics is something else - for me it isn't just sport it's a coming together of nations, a world where we compete for glory - athletes live their dreams, fight for gold, do their country proud - even if it just means crossing the finish line last. It just feels so right - it shows the best of humanity and spirit engulfs the air, your heart is alight with patriotic feelings.

So, what did we make of London 2012 opening ceremony....?

I love London - I dream of it, I yearn for it again but one things for sure - it aint no Sydney or Beijing. Sorry Brits - you are by far no "best Olympics ever"

You are not called Great Britain for nothing - you were once Great - you ruled the world - why is it you chose not to showcase your rich history?

Yes, we saw the industrial revolution - but that was it - where were tall ships, your explorers, your scientific, your pomp and ceremony - past royalty, queen's guards, cavalry, knights?
What of your iconic bobbys, black cabs, double decker buses - surely all this sums up your great land more than Marry Poppins and Lord Voldermort?

Instead you tried to kid yourself - you tried to say you were still Great - that your modern day lives were worthy of the world stage. What on Earth possessed you to believe it would be amazing to have a section dedicated to trashy teenagers partying and celebrating the crass and corny world of text courting and "in a relationship" status. What thought it right to showcase fictional characters and children scared in their beds? This is not the Britain I love.

Yes, you may have unbelievably wicked music, yes you may have Mr Bond, Rowan Atkinson and Kenneth Branagh but what of your history? Was this really what you wanted the world to see?

Danny Boyle is a movie director - so naturally he is pro at movie directing - too much pre filmed jargon, too many nods to past films (as great as they may be - was this Olympic appropriate?)

What happened to the Britain the world loves? I know you think it's same same - but that's what you are good at - you are leaders in tradition - who else can do a horse and carriage like you? Who else can march with bagpipes like you? Who else can talk of their glory days like you?

In a nutshell it was cheap and corny - You are behind the times and maybe you always will be.It felt more like an opening ceremony spoof. Seriously, did the world really need to now about your National Health Service?

I can see the pitch - let's just get some well known British stars, mix it together with a bunch of all our number one hits and chuck in the Queen with her corgis (ok, I admit that was kinda cool) and we shall end with Hey Jude (in my humble opinion, an inappropriate song for such an uplifting event) - it will be proper British, proper wicked and not a hint of naff - I'm sorry luv, but it was rather naff.

But let's not be too down - I really quiet liked the lighting of the flame - the idea of future sporting British sporting stars lighting it together - truly encapsulated the whole Olympic Spirit. The design of the cauldron coming up together - also rather magical.

I know I sound proper negative but overall I'm sure they were proud and I guess you have every right to be - but sorry luv, you don't have me heart.

London - you hurt me and I think I just may have to change my Facebook status with us - "it's complicated?"

Here are some of the worst low lights of the opening ceremony -

This whole teenage party section was simply unnecessary and I believe the whole reason I could not love the ceremony as a whole -

Positively - Australia this is definitely one of the best uniforms I have seen in a while.

The rings coming together was also nice touch -

And lastly - a lovely cauldron - congrats London you got something right -

See you Tuesday where yet another Brisbane foodie delight will be shared.


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