Friday, 27 July 2012

FF: Teen Choice Awards

Red carpets - my cocaine!

It's a hot or not today and there was some sizzling at the Teen Choice Awards 2012.

What I love about these kinds of awards is the freedom. Stars get to throw away the red carpet handbook and freestyle their pretty little faces off.
The Teen Choice awards has that youthful vibe, that sense nothing can touch you, the feeling of joy and a world of colour.

These are my top picks -

By far my kind of look - Helen Roden was more than pulling off this wonderful print dress -

Nina Dobrev - you are definitely one good looking chick in some vampire tv show. Well done you!

And the two New Girls - Zoe and the ridiculously sexy Hannah ticked ll the boxes -

And of course the other side of the coin -

So typical she's making white paper look psychadelic - sorry Taylor but this is safer and more boring than a high school sex ed video. Don't get me wrong it works on you, but it doesn't hurt to take a dive in the deep end every once in a while -

Jordin Sparks what were you thinking - this sure does not make you sparkle.

Katherine McCormack I don't even know who you really are - but my first advice - get a new stylist because that dress is doing nothing for you

Two more sleeps till we meet again.


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