Friday, 20 July 2012

FF: Local = Love

Yeah - I said it! Sometimes nothing beats the local talent. Made in Australia, born and bred true blue, living amongst the lucky land of this country. I love the fashion coming out of this place I call home.

So let us delve into the world of Aussie designers. I've previously informed you of some local talent of a more accessible price range who really are local but today I'll roll of some bigger guns who are making their mark on the international stage.

Collette Dinnigan

So we are starting off with a not so true blue Aussie. We may call her Australian, we may claim her as from our womb - but alas like many of our so called "Aussie" talent she is not. Born in South Africa and then moving to New Zealand and then Australia - for some reason we claim her. This is what we thing - forget about South Africa - birth is no sign of nationality, forget about New Zealand - we hardly thinks it's a country - it's more commonly known as our ugly cousin. So naturally we call her Australian.

Nevertheless, we'll roll with it -

Arguably the biggest Aussie export in the fashion world. You could call her a pioneer in world class Australian fashion. If their was fashion Olympics she'd be the sure gold for Aussie.

Her clothes are stocked in Barneys, Harvey Nichols, Hong Kong - she's earned her stars and her longevity is inspirational.

I have one of her dresses - it always makes me smile. It's a ray of sunshine in my all too dreary world. What I love most about it is how rare she makes each piece. A label on each dress denotes it as no. 100 of only 200 made - now that is just magic.

Alex Perry

I wouldn't say I'm his biggest fan but I will say this - he's got brains. The label that is Alex Perry has come a long way. His elegant evening gowns once adorned by rich Sydneysiders and local stars, now grace the red carpets of tinsel town. Do I think he's a bit of a elitist (insert unsavoury word) who thinks it's ok to permanently wear sunglasses atop his bald shiny head.

I still must give him cudos for his talent, beautiful gowns and this very unique image he has created for himself.

Sass & Bide

Two fantastically talented career women and the best part - they were schooled in Brisbane! See - I told you it has potential! Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke are the girls behind this iconic label and oh what a pair they make.

They have had collaborations with Top Shop, graced New York catwalks and dressed the likes of fictional Carrie Bradshaw.

You can buy Sass & Bide on net-a-porter surely that's mark enough to count yourself amongst the big leagues.

Again, they aren't my cup of tea - their clothing silhouettes and muchos modern lines simply don't suit me. Don't get me started on their famous perfect jeans - I love the look of them but rather disappointingly my legs refuse to say yes to them.

But when girls across Australia and the globe confidently strut their stuff in S&B you can't help but shoot a second look. I always thought the brand celebrated the independence and confidence of women, a celebration of all things powerful and daring and for that I more than respect the brand.

They made it and they are surely here to stay.

Lisa Ho

Ma asian sister! She's funky, she's timeless - she's opulent and feminine - I'm behind her talent all the way. And by the reads of it - she lives one perfect little life!

She boosted her career at the 2000 Sydney Olympic games where her designs were showcased as part of the opening ceremony.

Again, her evening wears are more than stunning and you can't help but skip a breath.

Dion Lee

He's lesser known than all the rest but he deserves the attention of millions. Young, eager to push the boundaries of creativity with his distinctly modern designs and simply lovable.

Winner of this year's Australian Woolmark award (see picture for his winning number) - a prestigious award that focuses on outstanding wool designs.

Congratulations Mr Lee - you've only just begun!

Other notable mentions: Toni Maticevski, Zimmerman and Romance was Born.


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