Friday, 13 July 2012

FF: It's a Little Bit Fancy

Keeping on the track of bucket lists while incorporating fabulous fashion - I pray for the day I have my very own Burberry trench coat, I covet that Hermes Birkin bag, stroll into Oscar de la Renta and walk out with a bespoke gown, be on the call list for fashion weeks, sit front row in New York, be friends with Mr Jacobs, dine with Mr Ford...

I cannot go past quality when it comes to fashion. Yes, I have a couple of cheap bits and bobs and I have a few chain store items but I judge harshly. I like to think I am a pretty savvy shopper. I know what to look for in chain stores. Very often you find well made pieces of higher quality in the same store. I'm on a shoestring budget, and will be for the very foreseeable future so sadly for me high end fashion is a no go zone. Yes on the very very rare occasion I have splurged on Collette Dinnigan, Marc Jacobs and Chloe and I caress these pieces daily but I'm usually on the floor below. My wardrobe lovingly consists mostly of Australian designers and higher end chain stores.

Why buy something for $20 when it will last you a year tops over $300 dress that will last your whole lifetime and then some. That word the magazines love to use - Investment! I believe them, I'm a sucker for the notion that what I have bought is so worth it for it will bring me joy, it will be passed on to the next generation, it will make my life a better place. I know, silly isn't? Yet somehow it comforts me.

I'm going to have to put my wardrobe in my will or else my family might just throw it in the charity bin. Yes, those in need might hit jackpot, but they wouldn't appreciate the quality - they just want something to keep them warm. Whereas friends and family members should understand its' significance. Or maybe I have become some sort of editor, writer or pure amazingness - maybe then when my wardrobe is a designer whore, maybe then I can donate it to some sort of museum.... I told you I can dream.

I am a little bit fancy, and I often like those little pleasures that come with luxury goods and yet very often I loathe the upper class and their materialistic ways. Somewhere, there must be a medium ground.

Anyway, it is clear I'm babbling on, so I'll restrain and willingly say adieu till next time.


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