Tuesday, 12 June 2012

TT: I Have Regally Returned

How terribly exciting, I'm sure you missed me so terribly much. Yes I do seem to be stringing my sentences together with a rather posh English sort of flair. This may well be as a result of the recent Queens diamond jubilee celebrations. London put on a jolly good show I must say.

As you well know I am a fan of the monarch and I am indeed a fan of the dear madge herself. I admire her dedication to her country and I admire her constant vigilance and presence throughout the commonwealth.

How loved can you be - the UK got an entire four days off and an entire four days of jam filled celebrations. Oh Elizabeth you really are something.

The English truly are abundantly traditional. Just look how these past days have been celebrated - classic street parties reminiscent of the end of WWII - bunting strewn across buildings, union jacks as far as the eye can see, coronation chicken, Victoria sponge, scones and all things British. Then there was row boats, all kinds of boats traveling down the river Thames, a military tattoo showcasing all the commonwealth countries, a full on Sunday church service honoring her majesty, a rock star concert outside Buckingham palace with more stars than the British Isles itself.
What I have loved most about these celebrations is the Queen. Watching her reactions to the crowd, seeing that famous smile, even a glimmer of a tear - despite what many think she's a lovely woman and I give her snaps for everything she has achieved.

Every time I try to explain my love of England to someone it sounds as if I hate all other countries, even my own when really that cannot be more of a lie. I love this whole world and more than anything I love my country. A friend might have phrased it right - It's like Australia is my husband, and the UK is my lover. I'm not too sure whether that is 100% accurate but for now I think it clears the air a little.

I know it's suppose to be Tasty Tuesday and sadly I have no Tasty food to divulge but just this once shall we say our alliteration stands for Thoughtful Tuesday? I think we all need a little sacrifice now and then and change can be mighty fine when it comes at the right time.

Sharing my share of philosophical talk I have so many thoughts and I have so many ideas and worries. Life is what you make it. We all perceive it differently and one person's idea of happiness will never be the exact match to another person's idea of happiness. What that might be is a mystery to many and some have already found it. Life is about the journey. As someone said - we do not go to a concert to hear the last note, we go to listen to each and every song.
All these notions, all these wonderful ideas and yet many of us are still lingering in the dark trying to understand it all. But enough of these complex ramblings - I feel this is more suitably shared amongst ye olde fashioned cigar smoking walls in leather couches and sips of whiskey.

Well, I don't want to bombard you with too many words- I'm known to do that on occasion and if you are anything like me I often feel like skimming a few good words and leaving it at that.

Now I can tell you one of those little secrets I've been hiding from you all this time - I'm off on a little jaunt to the city of MELBOURNE! In two weeks time I shall be sipping coffee in laneways, soaking up the Victoria markets, shopping to my heart's content, feeding my wounds and stomach with yumminess and reveling in the delights and discovering a city away from home.

So hopefully with any luck I may blog while I'm down there - I promise I will try my hardest. I will take many a photo and they will eventually make their way to the pages of this humble abode.

See you Friday!


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