Friday, 15 June 2012

FF: Pastels and Crowns

Yep! You guessed it - I'm still on a little royalty jaunt.

So naturally I need to cover the Jubilee Fashion - and that doesn't necessarily just involve crown jewels, pastel colours and matching coloured suits. It includes it all - the wacky hats, the union jacks spluttered across all surfaces, red, white and blue as far as the eye can see and the occasional odd character.

As I always say clothes can be one of the greatest forms of expression. What we wear can reflect our personalities, our likes, our dislikes, temperament, mood and passions. Adorning that special dress, or war paint is a symbol you care and it seemed very clear to me that Great Britain cared a God awful lot.

Enjoy some of my favourites from the celebrations - oh how I wish I was there. All images are from a number of sites - The Daily Beast, The Telegraph, The Guardian and google image search :)

An image of a street party - I tried and it cannot be done - I can't seem to spot a single person who isn't dressed to the nines in ye old British colours.
It is just a beautiful sight and I'm utterly gutted I was not there for it.

Now this is a celebration of colour -

A little taste of the good old days. The English know how to do effortless style with a nod to an earlier time - I feel it's written in their genes.

I simply love this man -

Now these are what I call royal stockings -

Sometimes I absolutely hate her - mostly because I'm probably secretly heart-achingly jealous of her but I must admit she does look good in red. And for little miss Kate, it's one bold choice!

Jesse J well I never knew! I have never seen her look so beautiful - I felt it was so her and yet it was so appropriate to the event. Oh, and Will I Am looked pretty awesome too, he really went for that British marching band look and pulled it off despite his all American roots.

Oh Kylie - of course this is what you wear. This is what you always wear... I wonder where Prince Charles was looking...

Really??? It's the devil meets Priscilla Queen of the Desert meets well...the whole lotta super natural that is Grace Jones.

Robbie Williams - yeah. I won't lie you were rocking it like a pro.

And shall we end with the Lady herself. Pastel, pastel, pastel that is her go to - it's like she wants to live in the world of gelato. But lo and behold she brought out gold, brocade and modern twists. She knows how to rock it and though she is no spring chicken she sure has the spirit of one.
Side note: I wonder why she carries that black Launer handbag with her everywhere? It is a question we all ask and one I think we will never be satisfied with an answer.

Congratulations Queen Elizabeth - you really are something royally wonderful!

See you Sunday - It's a celebration of Brisbane!


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