Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I seem to be making a habit of disappearing.... sorry. I mean well and then life throws things my way. Come end of a hectic uni semester I find myself without a break, meddling in the horrible 9-5 world that is work.

Apologies but sometimes this gal just likes some lazy time after sitting amongst the bland walls of my office and staring at a dreary computer screen with never enough coffee and never enough time staring at the clock.

And yeah, maybe I haven't thought of writing recently for I have done a lot of writing over the past 2 months and I have done a lot of watching great writing! huh? you ask. Well it seems my ability to obsess over all things a little odd has appeared once again and I have been shamefully stuck to my cozy lounge room watching The West Wing

I know this is an unrelated topic and maybe I could somehow ween it into fashion through the likes of Press Secretary / Chief of Staff character CJ Cregg's wonderful power suits and elegant ball gowns. OR I could even say it is a distant relative of Tasty Tuesday... The President talks about food sometimes and his liking for Alaskan king crab and all those dinner parties they go to. BUT just because I can, I shall promote this genius of a series through no real reason but to say thanks West Wing you are beautiful.

Politicians - we are all somehow wired to hate them. Sometimes I think we actually have no real reason to hate them - we don't even really know what they are all about. We get confused with the person and the job - we think the man is the same as the policy or the governing body and we want to blame, shame and place a face on our disappointment of THE government. I do it - we all do. And we all come to the conclusion all politicians are soulless creatures, idiotic heads on two legs and worth nothing - screwing up our country bit by bit. But in fact they aren't. For all the bad that we see, there is some good happening amongst the cracks. And for all that cliche of government = bad, it is probably one of the hardest jobs out there, maybe we should give them a break.

I know I can get confused with reality and fiction and what Aaron Sorkin created is in no way an absolute true telling of what really goes on in the White House. It a version of American politics we all wish was true. But there are some definite truths to it. As much as we slander them, the people that help run the world are ultimately extremely smart cookies.

Has The West Wing made me a democrat at heart? yeah maybe... is it wrong to base beliefs on a TV show? also maybe, but it's a free world.

Has my passion for this amazing piece of television caused me to read news articles on the current presidential campaign - yes. Do I pretend it is an episode of The West Wing? absolutely. When I work at election day here (bet you didn't know that!) - do I pretend I'm an extra on The West Wing? a little. Have I been slightly more interested in my own countries politics because of it? Yep.

Sometimes I'm a little too full of heart. My mum said a very true thing the other day. I was passionately voicing my dislike for pretentious little morsels of food on a tv show and she replied "I don't really like it either but no need to get worked up about it. It doesn't effect you at all, so why waste your energy." This is true - it doesn't effect me but I can't help but get heated about it. It is probably one of my biggest faults - the ability to feel too much too often and yet the ability to feel nothing at all and forget things ever happened comes rather naturally as well.

So this weakness of mine has resulted in yet another passion. It has resulted in lack of sleep, square eyes and procrastination central. The West Wing is strong, intelligent and empowering. The characters are every bit endearing and so human. They are hopelessly flawed and brilliant, they are characters that stay with you. No one better than President Josiah Barlet - oh Martin Sheen where have you been all my life? I wish you really were the president of the free world. (spoiler alert!) Can you imagine it? A president suffering from MS and successfully governing two terms - that's eight years of ups and downs, eight years of making the world (fictional) a better place. Solving world issues, cleaning up education and gun control all while being a father and knowing the name of every man and woman that faithfully serve under him. Where would he be without his team? The original gang - Toby Ziegler, Sam Seaborne, CJ Cregg, Josh Lyman and Leo McGarry. It's like The Avengers politics style!

I have loved many a television series but this one - this wins by much more than a mile - best writing.

Just like I have walked beautiful Austria and sung The Sound of Music or acted out countless movies on the streets of New York, I will one day go to Washington DC, stand outside the White House gates and roll off President Jed Bartlet quotes.

Apparently Barrack Obama is a fan - surely that is credibility enough!

Three more sleeps until Melbourne - joy of joys I am in hungry need of some new scenery.

I'll see you sporadically over the next couple of weeks and I'll drop you some quotes every now and then (I do that to people all the time - it's another one of those annoying habits)

In the words of Jed Bartlet:

"What will be the next thing that challenges us? That makes us go farther and work harder? You know that when smallpox was eradicated, it was considered the single greatest humanitarian achievement of this century? Surely we can do it again, as we did in the time when our eyes looked towards the heavens, and with outstretched fingers we touched the face of God"

Come on! That is writing from the heavens!


Friday, 15 June 2012

FF: Pastels and Crowns

Yep! You guessed it - I'm still on a little royalty jaunt.

So naturally I need to cover the Jubilee Fashion - and that doesn't necessarily just involve crown jewels, pastel colours and matching coloured suits. It includes it all - the wacky hats, the union jacks spluttered across all surfaces, red, white and blue as far as the eye can see and the occasional odd character.

As I always say clothes can be one of the greatest forms of expression. What we wear can reflect our personalities, our likes, our dislikes, temperament, mood and passions. Adorning that special dress, or war paint is a symbol you care and it seemed very clear to me that Great Britain cared a God awful lot.

Enjoy some of my favourites from the celebrations - oh how I wish I was there. All images are from a number of sites - The Daily Beast, The Telegraph, The Guardian and google image search :)

An image of a street party - I tried and it cannot be done - I can't seem to spot a single person who isn't dressed to the nines in ye old British colours.
It is just a beautiful sight and I'm utterly gutted I was not there for it.

Now this is a celebration of colour -

A little taste of the good old days. The English know how to do effortless style with a nod to an earlier time - I feel it's written in their genes.

I simply love this man -

Now these are what I call royal stockings -

Sometimes I absolutely hate her - mostly because I'm probably secretly heart-achingly jealous of her but I must admit she does look good in red. And for little miss Kate, it's one bold choice!

Jesse J well I never knew! I have never seen her look so beautiful - I felt it was so her and yet it was so appropriate to the event. Oh, and Will I Am looked pretty awesome too, he really went for that British marching band look and pulled it off despite his all American roots.

Oh Kylie - of course this is what you wear. This is what you always wear... I wonder where Prince Charles was looking...

Really??? It's the devil meets Priscilla Queen of the Desert meets well...the whole lotta super natural that is Grace Jones.

Robbie Williams - yeah. I won't lie you were rocking it like a pro.

And shall we end with the Lady herself. Pastel, pastel, pastel that is her go to - it's like she wants to live in the world of gelato. But lo and behold she brought out gold, brocade and modern twists. She knows how to rock it and though she is no spring chicken she sure has the spirit of one.
Side note: I wonder why she carries that black Launer handbag with her everywhere? It is a question we all ask and one I think we will never be satisfied with an answer.

Congratulations Queen Elizabeth - you really are something royally wonderful!

See you Sunday - It's a celebration of Brisbane!


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

TT: I Have Regally Returned

How terribly exciting, I'm sure you missed me so terribly much. Yes I do seem to be stringing my sentences together with a rather posh English sort of flair. This may well be as a result of the recent Queens diamond jubilee celebrations. London put on a jolly good show I must say.

As you well know I am a fan of the monarch and I am indeed a fan of the dear madge herself. I admire her dedication to her country and I admire her constant vigilance and presence throughout the commonwealth.

How loved can you be - the UK got an entire four days off and an entire four days of jam filled celebrations. Oh Elizabeth you really are something.

The English truly are abundantly traditional. Just look how these past days have been celebrated - classic street parties reminiscent of the end of WWII - bunting strewn across buildings, union jacks as far as the eye can see, coronation chicken, Victoria sponge, scones and all things British. Then there was row boats, all kinds of boats traveling down the river Thames, a military tattoo showcasing all the commonwealth countries, a full on Sunday church service honoring her majesty, a rock star concert outside Buckingham palace with more stars than the British Isles itself.
What I have loved most about these celebrations is the Queen. Watching her reactions to the crowd, seeing that famous smile, even a glimmer of a tear - despite what many think she's a lovely woman and I give her snaps for everything she has achieved.

Every time I try to explain my love of England to someone it sounds as if I hate all other countries, even my own when really that cannot be more of a lie. I love this whole world and more than anything I love my country. A friend might have phrased it right - It's like Australia is my husband, and the UK is my lover. I'm not too sure whether that is 100% accurate but for now I think it clears the air a little.

I know it's suppose to be Tasty Tuesday and sadly I have no Tasty food to divulge but just this once shall we say our alliteration stands for Thoughtful Tuesday? I think we all need a little sacrifice now and then and change can be mighty fine when it comes at the right time.

Sharing my share of philosophical talk I have so many thoughts and I have so many ideas and worries. Life is what you make it. We all perceive it differently and one person's idea of happiness will never be the exact match to another person's idea of happiness. What that might be is a mystery to many and some have already found it. Life is about the journey. As someone said - we do not go to a concert to hear the last note, we go to listen to each and every song.
All these notions, all these wonderful ideas and yet many of us are still lingering in the dark trying to understand it all. But enough of these complex ramblings - I feel this is more suitably shared amongst ye olde fashioned cigar smoking walls in leather couches and sips of whiskey.

Well, I don't want to bombard you with too many words- I'm known to do that on occasion and if you are anything like me I often feel like skimming a few good words and leaving it at that.

Now I can tell you one of those little secrets I've been hiding from you all this time - I'm off on a little jaunt to the city of MELBOURNE! In two weeks time I shall be sipping coffee in laneways, soaking up the Victoria markets, shopping to my heart's content, feeding my wounds and stomach with yumminess and reveling in the delights and discovering a city away from home.

So hopefully with any luck I may blog while I'm down there - I promise I will try my hardest. I will take many a photo and they will eventually make their way to the pages of this humble abode.

See you Friday!