Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Death of Me

Looks like I'm in for a gigantic reprimand - I lied to you all and for that I am indefinitely sorry!

Unfortunately I bring you rather indecent news...

Firstly, I had so many wonderful things planned for papilio this month and alas May is nearly over so birthday month may have to move

Secondly, not only did I stab you in the back more than once, I simply ignored you and left you hanging.

Thirdly, I might still be playing the part of awfully uncommitted boyfriend for a little while longer.

So where to from this unworthy bump in the road?

One thing is for absolute certain (and I'm not lying) - I finish my university semester in two weeks time - yep that's right, come a fortnight and I will be free of the shackles that try to rule my life. That means more time to casually devour chocolate in my pjs and more importantly more time for papilio.

So here's the deal - I may or may not be back within the week. This shall depend on my level of procrastination and lack of dedication to uni. But be assured I will, with all I have be back in two weeks time.

There has been a buzz around Brisbane recently and I truly love my little city - I'm so very proud of it. I'm like a mother watching her child grow up - although maybe more personally fitting, I'm like the dress tucked away in the back of the wardrobe finally getting her chance to shine.

So no I have not died and I promise you this blog ain't going no where - unless she spreads her wings and somehow manages to pass off as a real butterfly.

I have 6 weeks holiday - I know; I can feel the green paint my screen as you read. I have a lot of things in the pipeline for the wonderfully beautiful June July holidays and I'm really hoping they come into fruition, for I would very much love to share them with you. But I've learnt my lesson and I shall not get ahead of myself and let you know what all these plans are. Plus, we all love a bit of mystery I'm sure.

So until I see you again I wish you plenty of laughs and amazingly wicked times. Find love in all things and live as if each day as if it's your last - oh my! It sounds as though I am writing a goodbye letter to a dear one - whoops! Sometimes I slip into a rather odd version of myself - This one is a little Marianne Dashwood in a sensibility ridden world.

I shall leave you with one of my favourite words of a most loved romantic language. It's perfectly fitting for I shall most certainly 'see you again'



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  1. Do what feels right to you. Don't worry what others think. Be happy, others will be happy.
    Enjoy your time off, we're heading yo Yellowstone National Park next week.