Monday, 23 April 2012

TT: It's A Milestone

It's my 100th post!!!!

To celebrate I'm doing something a little bit special...

I am going to make the month of May birthday month! I will be hiding an image of a butterfly in one of my photos each post - so get your inspector "I spy" eyes on and find my little birthday surprises.

As part of the celebrations I will also be collaborating with a fellow blogger and friend who has her own photography business "Liv Design Studio" We will be teaming up for a photoshoot! It will span over a TT and FF sometime in June / July - haha sorry for being so broad but that's uni holidays and yes I do realise that will no longer be the month of May.
But anyway, watch out for that special number in the coming TTs.

But for today I say Happy 100th Post to me with these lovingly baked lemon cupcakes. I was going to make them all blogger logo decorations but I also needed them for a dinner party and I thought that might be a little odd. So I decorated the others with lemon frosting.

Get excited for May!


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