Tuesday, 10 April 2012

TT: Indulging

Hmmm... it is actually something I have not done in a while. Surprise surprise!

I'm really sorry but this is going to be a very short post. Personal issues are seriously draining right now. But it did get me thinking about my current diet.

I haven't been snacking or indulging on those treat worthy foods lately. It is strange because it is not like I'm consciously ruling them out. I'm not saying I don't grab a bar of chocolate every once in a while, or nibble of crackle if its there but I don't seem to go out of my way if I'm craving something fatty. It is really rather odd...

I use to be a huge midnight snacker - my go to were these deliciously artery clogging grilled cheeses. To be more precise it was 2 slices of buttered white bread (and I mean buttered on both sides), a slice of cheese whacked in between and then I'd whack it in a pan to fry, squishing it together with a spatula. Seriously it was magical! I haven't made one of those in quite some time.

Strangely if I'm feeling peckish I tend to grab myself an apple, or grapes - or one biscuit rather than the whole packet. But I'm not doing it out of obligation. My brain and stomach must have changed personality. Or maybe it is just a faze - I can be rather faddy at times. But hand me a packet of what could only be called fat inducing / indulgent foods and I will still finish it - don't worry I'm no model weigh out my calories kind of girl - never will be. But I'm just not going there as much as I use to - I very good thing most likely :)

Anyway, my mind isn't completely with it this Tuesday and inspiration isn't exactly on my brain's agenda so I best leave you. Maybe tonight I might indulge in one of them fried cheeses....?

Food is so interesting though - it can change ones mood instantly. I wish I could divulge random thoughts but I'm sticking to the food/fashion plan and so far I have been pretty good - I don't stay committed to things very often - so this is a first for me.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and I promise my Friday post will be much more enjoyable and worthy of your time.


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  1. Lol, it's a good thing, you'll realize that in 10-15 years :). You changed your profile pic, nice shot, I like it. Weather is getting nicer here in New York, all good. Take care.