Tuesday, 3 April 2012

TT: Hot Cross Buns!

Remember when I told you about the baker brothers? Well I've obviously purchased their book and I just couldn't wait to try out their recipes!

What better way then to start things off with festive cheer. It's Easter! Which means my talent for eating copious amounts of chocolates is challenged and I'm verging on overload. For many years now I can longer boast receiving a wickedly high amount of Easter eggs - according to society I'm too old for that. So it's up to me to receive my chocolate goodies. Naturally I need the traditional chocolate eggs but more maturely I buy many a block of lindt and more importantly a gold lindt bunny - in dark chocolate of course!

And what's an Easter without hot cross buns! And what would make them even better? Why not add chocolate! Whoever thought of that could possibly be one of the smartest people to ever live! People complained - saying it was sacrilegious - me - well I felt like it was created by heaven itself.

This year I decided to challenge myself - I'm not famous for bread making (the last time I attempted bread it turned out like volcanic rock) but I am all about showing the world (or maybe myself) what I could be capable of if I just tried. Tom Herbert wrote that wooed his now wife with these hot cross buns - now that is the way to a girl's heart!

With nervous anticipation I set out to make these glorious treats. Due to uni and life obligations I only managed to squeeze in baking time as of 4 hours ago. . I can still smell the sweet scent of mixed spice in the air.

For a first effort I'm really quite pleased. Much room for improvement - a think a little extra mixed spice and maybe some mixed peel. But those brothers truly are some kind of fabulous.

Well I'm off to indulge in sleep. Happy Easter!


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