Sunday, 1 April 2012

SS: Whimsical Looks

Brisbane streets were an adventure this week - I found some winners. Whether that meant more late nights finishing assignments or naturally failing into the notorious student trap of leaving everything to the last minute (I'm a veteran student so I like to think I have a right to. Or, that I can handle the stress).

Walking around the mall this couple took me by surprise. We all know how much I love vintage so naturally this girl stood out from the dull Brisbane crowd. Right down to her perfectly applied make-up, she could be pinned right up on a wall.
Her friend complementing her nostalgic whims with a more modern silhouette but that bright red is so wickedly daring! Thanks girls for making Brisbane bright.

Ooo don't you just love it when someone mixes things up. I love this textural mash-up. Lace and wool, plum stockings and aged weathered brogues - my goodness it's playful and daringly unique. Go figure she's a fashion student!

There is something about this bum-y indie kinda nomad look that always seems to catch my eye.

This girl stood out of the crowd - I'm such a fan of wedges!

Loving this pale blue number - it is relaxed tailoring at it's finest - naturally; employed at a bespoke suit store. Take a page from his book lads someone knows how to change up the casual suit.


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