Sunday, 8 April 2012

SS: A Hidden World

It is street style of a more architectural kind today.

I'm pretty big on touting Brisbane when I'm in the mood. After an overseas trip - yeah I find Brisbane pretty boring but give it a while and I begin to see its' beauty once more.

The photo above is of the Goodwill Bridge - we are often referred to as the city of bridges and its' a fair description. You can walk the Victoria bridge which links the city with South Bank - look right and you will see another 2 bridges, look left and you will see yet another 2 bridges and the glimpse of a third. Yeah! We like our bridges.

There were mixed reviews when the Goodwill Bridge was complete. It is a rather odd designs. Some undercover bits, some odd triangular protrusion that looks like we are trying to communicate with extraterrestrial beings and there's this random kink in the whole structure. But to be honest I don't mind it - it's different and it says "hey, so what! I can be confused!"

I was relaxing in my favourite new spot at Southbank when I saw these two paddle by - it isn't something you see ever day.

Anyway, so where is this hidden world? As part of Brisbane City councils push to bring life back into Brisbane and to prove it deserves to be deemed an equal amongst Melbourne and Sydney Brisbane is getting a shiny new paint job. The council has begun a project to renovate little known Brisbane laneways. Those dingy little alleyways you see in crime shows where a women is raped, drugs are delivered, gun shots are fired - yep! These unsavoury laneways are being turned into beautiful sanctuaries where happy social behaviour is the only human activity performed.

This is Burnett lane - nestled amongst Albert Street just off Queens St something is a buzz! There is authentic German Sausage, a bar that screams underground class, a place where you have to be in the know, a rustic kind of magical restaurant/bar The Survey Co which embraces the laneways colourful history. A cafe named Brew hidden amongst the other end - it's all cool faces, indie tunes and a relaxing place where the hip Brisbanites mingle amongst good coffee. Art work is splashed across the old forgotten walk bringing new life and the boring old pavement has been attacked by a loving artists hand. It still has a long way to go but these laneways are on the rise and I for one am oh so proud of what my city is becoming!


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