Friday, 20 April 2012

FF: Wearing it Anyway

Don't you hate it when smug couples think they are above you? Don't you hate it when they give you advice on how fulfilling it is to be in a relationship, an underlying message that you just haven't lived yet. Feeling sympathy for they can't imagine a life of single status. Don't get me started on how much that makes me want to punch something! This annoying human trait got me thinking of the vile world of looks and this idea of pleasing others.

There have been a number of articles on fashion trends that men hate. I always wondered how they collate such information: "excuse me sir, what item of clothing turns you off a woman?" I don't know, it seems a rather amusing question when posed to the male sex.

I know - ridiculous right. Since when did we dress for men? I know I never have. Either way I think they are interesting to read:

Ironically I wear almost every item on these lists, here are a few examples:

- Harem pants
- Gladiator sandals
- Pussy bow blouses / Pussy bows in general
- Bows of any kind for that matter
- Jumpsuits / Play suits
- The Princess Look
- Power suits / Tuxedo jackets
- Head bands
- Military inspired
- Oversized Sunglasses
- Leggings

Seriously all these items are very much evident in my wardrobe. When I saw the "the princess look" well that would logically mean I am doomed to a life of spinster hood - my entire wardrobe could be deemed princess - the whole cute bow, alice band, floral dresses and lace thing is the basis of my attire. Clearly, we can't place all our men in the same basket.

If you look at the list they all have things in common - they tend toward the extremes - it's either super relaxed or too much of something - too masculine vs. too feminine. And if you think about it - just a little too covered up.
Judging by these standards it seems to me, men are stuck in the past. A place where women belonged in the shadows, never being allowed to express themselves, just there as eye candy and figures of sexuality. Look pretty, say nothing and nurture the incompetent males.

But then you think of the alternative - what men seem to love - it's all so typical: figure hugging dresses, mini skirts, cut outs, strapless anything, thin straps, see through tops, denim shorts, stilettos, anything that shows cleavage or a vast amount of skin - it's all revealing, sexual and somewhat degrading. Don't get me wrong - it works - don that dress that hugs in all the right places you've got any man doing a double take - they are simple creatures you can build an attractive image in a heart beat.

We girls wear things to flatter or body shapes - we can't all be blessed with Miranda Kerr's perfect genetic structure. You men would be shocked to see us all in lingerie revealing dresses - we hide all the bad bits for your consideration. So be thankful for it.

So in summary -
I haven't been put on this world to please men - I'm here to please myself (and maybe on occasion to out do my female enemies). I have always thought of me before anyone else - something that will always remain the same.

I'm sticking to what makes me feel good, I'm sticking to my preferred style - because if anything, I'm not one to let others dictate what I can and cannot wear.

See you Sunday - and guess what! I got busy street snapping to make up for the past 2 SS posts :)


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