Friday, 6 April 2012

FF: A Shoe Confession

Like every girl I love a beautiful shoe BUT unlike every girl I don't have a ready compulsion to buy dozens of shoes. Now I know shoes can actually make or break an outfit and I know the amount of dresses I have in no way correlates to the number of shoes I have.

In all honesty of course I would love to own more shoes then I do - to clear the air I'm not one of those shopaholics who exaggerate when they say "omg, I have like 50 pairs of shoes; that's like totally nothing at all" Seriously I'm not sure I even have 10... well at least that I can wear on a regular basis.

You see I'm somewhat lazy when it comes to shoes. I'll buy the generic ballet flat in a neutral colour because I know it is going to match 80% of my wardrobe. Or I'll be in the mood for pretty, fabulous, sparkliness and I'll go out and purchase sky high heels that are ridiculously impractical and yet sculpturally artistically beautiful. I'll take them home, strut around feeling like that couple of 100 was so worth it and then they will just sit there looking pretty. I might wear them once for a special occasion; come home feeling like my feet had just experienced World War III and yet still satisfied for all the comments I received.

So you see I'm rather stupid when it comes to shoes - and I'm also a little weary of feet - I'm not going to detail this but I just think they are not a very pleasing part of the human body.
Comfort is a major part of my shoe buying - I need comfort for everyday use - I think my feet have some sort of fetish for blisters; for I seem to get them way too easily.
I walk A LOT! I love to walk! So naturally comfy shoes are necessity! The ones photographed above are my current favourite! It is like I'm wearing nothing at all! You can just see evidence of age as the fabric is starting to erode away. Another one of my many habits - wearing the same pair of shoes day in day out and soon finding them looking like I rummaged them out of the trash...

Yeah I'll walk the shoe department with diamonds in my eyes wishing for the day I can afford some Christian Laboutins but somehow my brain will always tell me I need another dress over a pair of new shoes. It really is rather silly of my brain, for when I come home with my new dress it soon dawns on me I have no shoes to wear it with!

I realise that this is quite a defamatory confession to be making. For what girl immersed in the world of fashion would have the bravery, nee the uncharacteristically stupid behaviour of not buying shoes or to be admitting she sometimes wears thongs to places other then the beach... god forbid Vogue reads me now...

I'm trying so hard to conquer this habit for it is rather detrimental to ones overall image. And as I said, I'm not a hater of the shoe I love the shoe - it is simply that it never seems to be a priority when really it sometimes should be. So feet - I know I have been ignoring you and I know you haven't always been the bell of the ball but give it time and hopefully you will grow up and find the spotlight and revel in all kinds of pretty!

I'm going to apologise in advance for my SS this week. Unfortunately there are no stylish people :(
So I have substituted with some street shots of a lesser known Brisbane... please forgive my lack of fashionable faces - I felt as if time was stolen from me this week.


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