Friday, 13 April 2012

FF: Looking Good Is Selling Good

I was never a fan of Abercrombie & Fitch until one day something rather magical happened.

Have you ever walked past an Abercrombie & Fitch store? If you haven't, please do! You walk past and I'm not even joking the smell lures you in - it honestly smells of man. There is no other explanation.

Four girls, one night of shopping, we walk past the store - all with the exact same reaction, all with such different opinions and tastes in men. Yet in that moment we all stopped and needed to regather our senses. It was like we became hunters searching for prey and the scent was in full strength.

So naturally our curious minds headed inside. True enough the smell matched the inside. Left, right and centre photo-shopped looking men were ready to give me advice / use what their momma gave them to sell me a sweater. Seriously these men were ridiculously attractive and they spanned a somewhat large range of beauty ideals.
Interestingly there aren't a lot of female sales assistants - and they aren't the best looking... yet another ploy I'm sure. We girls do the shopping and it never helps to see some gorgeous supermodel trying to sell you things - she'll just make you depressed and you'll refuse to buy anything from the store just to spite her good looks.
According to Wikipedia these "brand representatives" are now referred to as "models." Of course they have - what else could you possibly call them.
Have you ever Google imaged "Abercrombie and Fitch" - it is pretty much pages of soft porn.

I later read that the Abercrombie staff spray the store and the clothes with this delicious scent - "Fierce" the signature A&F cologne - of course complete with a god like torso splashed across the bottle. Hmmm.... did I contemplate purchasing said cologne to spray on my pillow... but then I realised that was just way too creepy. But the rest of my American trip involved browsing every A&F store we came by...

Image is a lot in this world despite what some might try to believe and a ridiculously good looking sales assistant is going to sway you much more than the average face. I will be the first to admit it - I have bought many an item simply because the man that has served me somehow lured me in via his deep blue eyes, smooth and yet obviously insincere comments and immaculate dress. I similarly have a compulsion to buy something if I receive particularly good service. Yeah - I'm a sales assistant's dream.

The brand of Abercrombie know this and they aren't afraid to tackle the politically and morally correct. They have faced a number of law suits against discrimination and each time the CEO stands up for his brand and I salute him. Granted have you seen the CEO? He looks like a train wreck to put it lightly. He has undergone so much plastic surgery to look like the All American jock that ironically he just looks like an experiment gone terribly wrong. But he's proud of what he has and he's sticking by his guns - good looking sells and Mr CEO isn't shy to admit it.

There are some things in life where I truly believe looks are everything. I'm sick of this argument that flight attendants should not need to look pretty - of course they do! If I'm on a 18 hour flight I don't want some obese woman heavily walking down the already too narrow isles. I want a beautiful face to greet me with a barbie doll smile telling me everything is going to be alright, you haven't woken up in hell just yet.

The obvious one is of course models - photo shop them in magazines, prance their ethereal bodies on the cat walk and plaster them up on billboards - do it all, I don't care. It is an industry whose sole foundations are good looks and selling beauty.

Those people who try and sell you things in shopping centres, movie stars, tv hosts, weather girls, singers - it's a world of shallow proportions and outside beauty and I truly believe it has a rightful place.

We mere mortals struggle on in life because that is simply the card we have been dealt. We have to try that little harder to get where we want to go. Unfair - yes but untrue - never.

Cheers to the blessed faces, perfect bodies and dashing physiques - I think you know how lucky you really are. And if I'm honest, although I have many a murderous thought towards you, I'm not quite sure what I would ever do without you.

O and since we are on the topic of sex sells - I now have a gigantic preference for the brand Dockers for one reason alone. Whoever says celebrity endorsement is stupid - they are in some serious denial. Dockers decided on the perfect fit for their brand - "wear the pants" is their slogan and who better to masculinely model -
In that moment my two worlds of fashion and Bear (yes, a world in it self) collided. How I wish there were Dockers stores in Australia - to walk past him in a shop window...mmm goood things would happen...or bad, I could very well get run over (so maybe it is a good thing Dockers isn't here)
Check out the campaign here:

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  1. what a wonderful night that was...

  2. This must be one of your best posts ever - I was laughing so hard, loved it. You always bring bring things to the (raw) point, that's probably why I keep coming back to read more. And yes, I actually Google imaged "Abercrombie and Fitch" as suggested :).