Friday, 27 April 2012

FF: Goodbye Adolescence

Goodbye adolescence - well I said goodbye to that a long time ago but today I felt like it was only yesterday.

Watching my cousin prepare for her formal, I was transported back to a simpler time. She was just like I was - she was running on natural adrenalin high - she was so excited, her smile never left her face. She emerged dress and all and her face just beamed. That is every 17 year old girl on her special night.
Your final year of high school, your night for celebration - this is the formal (or prom for USA). A night that at the time felt like the most important night of your life.

You can't help but reminisce. The feeling that this was your moment - you were growing up. The first night of your life you really truly got to be all dolled up. The first night you really started to feel like life was changing. You were free from books and the stress of year 12 just for a night. You were free of parents and the school ground - you were with friends and nothing else mattered.

In five years nothing seems to have really changed - girls are looking their prettiest and boys are trying to impress in their suits that they aren't too sure about just yet. Corsages are exchanged, laughter fills the air, limousines are hired, parents are watching their children grow up and youth is being celebrated.

For many girls it is their first time in high heels, their first time wearing make-up or a full length dress. It is an important right of passage for teenagers - it is a night you don't forget. Some might be disappointed, others might regret their actions, some might try new things and others laugh and dance all night long - no matter what experience, you remember it.

But onto the FF of this whole event. What I love about formals is that when you look back sometimes you wonder what you were thinking. Often dresses look utterly dated, sometimes hair is that little bit too loud and shoes are on the undesirable list. Boys look back and tilt their head in shame - hunched backs and ill fitted suits, fluro ties to match their dates, white scarfs, odd looking cravats and on the odd occasion top hats...
But really, it is all part of your adolescence. It doesn't really matter that you look back and laugh at your electric pink dress or you ringlets and bright eye shadow. Because most of the time in that moment you felt like a million bucks - you looked in the mirror and you got excited. Everything felt new and you felt rather pretty.

Thankfully, I do not regret my formal and thankfully I do not regret my dress. Here's a very small look into the past. How things have changed. But it is good to know I didn't stuff it up - at least I sure hope I didn't. I had an incredible night and I felt alive.

Sorry for the somewhat poor image - it was rather long ago.... :)



  1. beautiful photos and blog! xx

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! Much appreciated.