Friday, 27 April 2012

FF: Goodbye Adolescence

Goodbye adolescence - well I said goodbye to that a long time ago but today I felt like it was only yesterday.

Watching my cousin prepare for her formal, I was transported back to a simpler time. She was just like I was - she was running on natural adrenalin high - she was so excited, her smile never left her face. She emerged dress and all and her face just beamed. That is every 17 year old girl on her special night.
Your final year of high school, your night for celebration - this is the formal (or prom for USA). A night that at the time felt like the most important night of your life.

You can't help but reminisce. The feeling that this was your moment - you were growing up. The first night of your life you really truly got to be all dolled up. The first night you really started to feel like life was changing. You were free from books and the stress of year 12 just for a night. You were free of parents and the school ground - you were with friends and nothing else mattered.

In five years nothing seems to have really changed - girls are looking their prettiest and boys are trying to impress in their suits that they aren't too sure about just yet. Corsages are exchanged, laughter fills the air, limousines are hired, parents are watching their children grow up and youth is being celebrated.

For many girls it is their first time in high heels, their first time wearing make-up or a full length dress. It is an important right of passage for teenagers - it is a night you don't forget. Some might be disappointed, others might regret their actions, some might try new things and others laugh and dance all night long - no matter what experience, you remember it.

But onto the FF of this whole event. What I love about formals is that when you look back sometimes you wonder what you were thinking. Often dresses look utterly dated, sometimes hair is that little bit too loud and shoes are on the undesirable list. Boys look back and tilt their head in shame - hunched backs and ill fitted suits, fluro ties to match their dates, white scarfs, odd looking cravats and on the odd occasion top hats...
But really, it is all part of your adolescence. It doesn't really matter that you look back and laugh at your electric pink dress or you ringlets and bright eye shadow. Because most of the time in that moment you felt like a million bucks - you looked in the mirror and you got excited. Everything felt new and you felt rather pretty.

Thankfully, I do not regret my formal and thankfully I do not regret my dress. Here's a very small look into the past. How things have changed. But it is good to know I didn't stuff it up - at least I sure hope I didn't. I had an incredible night and I felt alive.

Sorry for the somewhat poor image - it was rather long ago.... :)


Monday, 23 April 2012

TT: It's A Milestone

It's my 100th post!!!!

To celebrate I'm doing something a little bit special...

I am going to make the month of May birthday month! I will be hiding an image of a butterfly in one of my photos each post - so get your inspector "I spy" eyes on and find my little birthday surprises.

As part of the celebrations I will also be collaborating with a fellow blogger and friend who has her own photography business "Liv Design Studio" We will be teaming up for a photoshoot! It will span over a TT and FF sometime in June / July - haha sorry for being so broad but that's uni holidays and yes I do realise that will no longer be the month of May.
But anyway, watch out for that special number in the coming TTs.

But for today I say Happy 100th Post to me with these lovingly baked lemon cupcakes. I was going to make them all blogger logo decorations but I also needed them for a dinner party and I thought that might be a little odd. So I decorated the others with lemon frosting.

Get excited for May!


SS: Sorry

Sorry it's actually MONDAY! NOOO! I have broken my streak! Well, I guess it was bound to happen at some point. So let us all pretend it is Sunday. It's a short one today I only have three images for you :( I know - I really have to pick up the quality of SS. It's the most time consuming post because I have to make time to hit the streets and sometimes I just can't.

So bare with and they will get better.

Somehow this girl is pulling off that old favourite late 80s - early 90s little girl floral bike short look.

You don't see these guys very often. Backpackers aren't very common place in little Brisbane and if they are present - well you should bet they aren't here for a holiday - just a stopover before heading up to the Great Barrier Reef or down to Sydney.

Don't you just love the pattern and colours on this dress -

And a fun object to finish - what a cute bicycle!

I'll see you tomorrow for 100th post celebrations!


Friday, 20 April 2012

FF: Wearing it Anyway

Don't you hate it when smug couples think they are above you? Don't you hate it when they give you advice on how fulfilling it is to be in a relationship, an underlying message that you just haven't lived yet. Feeling sympathy for they can't imagine a life of single status. Don't get me started on how much that makes me want to punch something! This annoying human trait got me thinking of the vile world of looks and this idea of pleasing others.

There have been a number of articles on fashion trends that men hate. I always wondered how they collate such information: "excuse me sir, what item of clothing turns you off a woman?" I don't know, it seems a rather amusing question when posed to the male sex.

I know - ridiculous right. Since when did we dress for men? I know I never have. Either way I think they are interesting to read:

Ironically I wear almost every item on these lists, here are a few examples:

- Harem pants
- Gladiator sandals
- Pussy bow blouses / Pussy bows in general
- Bows of any kind for that matter
- Jumpsuits / Play suits
- The Princess Look
- Power suits / Tuxedo jackets
- Head bands
- Military inspired
- Oversized Sunglasses
- Leggings

Seriously all these items are very much evident in my wardrobe. When I saw the "the princess look" well that would logically mean I am doomed to a life of spinster hood - my entire wardrobe could be deemed princess - the whole cute bow, alice band, floral dresses and lace thing is the basis of my attire. Clearly, we can't place all our men in the same basket.

If you look at the list they all have things in common - they tend toward the extremes - it's either super relaxed or too much of something - too masculine vs. too feminine. And if you think about it - just a little too covered up.
Judging by these standards it seems to me, men are stuck in the past. A place where women belonged in the shadows, never being allowed to express themselves, just there as eye candy and figures of sexuality. Look pretty, say nothing and nurture the incompetent males.

But then you think of the alternative - what men seem to love - it's all so typical: figure hugging dresses, mini skirts, cut outs, strapless anything, thin straps, see through tops, denim shorts, stilettos, anything that shows cleavage or a vast amount of skin - it's all revealing, sexual and somewhat degrading. Don't get me wrong - it works - don that dress that hugs in all the right places you've got any man doing a double take - they are simple creatures you can build an attractive image in a heart beat.

We girls wear things to flatter or body shapes - we can't all be blessed with Miranda Kerr's perfect genetic structure. You men would be shocked to see us all in lingerie revealing dresses - we hide all the bad bits for your consideration. So be thankful for it.

So in summary -
I haven't been put on this world to please men - I'm here to please myself (and maybe on occasion to out do my female enemies). I have always thought of me before anyone else - something that will always remain the same.

I'm sticking to what makes me feel good, I'm sticking to my preferred style - because if anything, I'm not one to let others dictate what I can and cannot wear.

See you Sunday - and guess what! I got busy street snapping to make up for the past 2 SS posts :)


Tuesday, 17 April 2012


ANZAC - Australian and New Zealand Army Corps for those of you international readers.

I'm a little bit patriotic and I love how Australia embraces their history.

The actual day is next Wednesday 25th but I'm prematurely baking ANZAC biscuits because next TT I have something rather special to celebrate.

Each year we all take a minute silence to remember the men and women who fought for us in WWI and now the wars beyond - a small gesture that says so much. A day where we are all proud to call ourselves Australians.

I absolutely love making these biscuits. As I mix the ingredients together I think of how hard it might of been. I think of the wives and loved ones waiting at home wondering, baking these little treats to send to the soldiers - doing what little they can to help morale, to be a part of it and to encourage hope and some sort of sweetness in a bleak place.

These were created to last. The simple and readily available ingredients meant these treats could be baked in bulk and shipped to far flung places still in tip top condition. The bi-carb of soda is integral.

Today, some recipes have changed their ingredients but I stick to tradition (well, you all know that's no surprise). Bi-carb soda, golden syrup, flour, sugar, desiccated coconut; whack it all together and you have got a lovely little sweet thing with the promise of delight.

It is one of my favourite things to bake for the smell is so distinct and so iconic. Your kitchen ignites with the sweetness of golden syrup - I always like to think that during the war this scent could brighten ones day just for a little while. I truly do believe in the power of food.

Maybe one day I will travel to Gallipoli for the dawn service. I will watch the sunrise with my fellow Aussies as we remember those who have fallen, who sacrificed their lives for us.

Enjoy the pics - this time round I made them soft and chewy - but a little longer in the oven and you've got them crunchy - either way they are a winner in my book.
Here is to honouring history and to those who have fought for my country.

I'm excited for FF - I've almost finished it (my goodness someone's organised)


Sunday, 15 April 2012

SS: Looking Good

Sincerely sorry this post is a little late - but hey it's still Sunday!

Unfortunately I didn't have much time on my hands so only 3 quick shots for you today.

Enjoy, and I'll see you Tuesday!

I love this corporate look - she puts pride in her look from her dress to her hair to the classic shoes and bag.

I love this woman. Love the blouse, love the bag.

What caught my eye was the colourful wallet just peeping out from his back pocket.

Friday, 13 April 2012

FF: Looking Good Is Selling Good

I was never a fan of Abercrombie & Fitch until one day something rather magical happened.

Have you ever walked past an Abercrombie & Fitch store? If you haven't, please do! You walk past and I'm not even joking the smell lures you in - it honestly smells of man. There is no other explanation.

Four girls, one night of shopping, we walk past the store - all with the exact same reaction, all with such different opinions and tastes in men. Yet in that moment we all stopped and needed to regather our senses. It was like we became hunters searching for prey and the scent was in full strength.

So naturally our curious minds headed inside. True enough the smell matched the inside. Left, right and centre photo-shopped looking men were ready to give me advice / use what their momma gave them to sell me a sweater. Seriously these men were ridiculously attractive and they spanned a somewhat large range of beauty ideals.
Interestingly there aren't a lot of female sales assistants - and they aren't the best looking... yet another ploy I'm sure. We girls do the shopping and it never helps to see some gorgeous supermodel trying to sell you things - she'll just make you depressed and you'll refuse to buy anything from the store just to spite her good looks.
According to Wikipedia these "brand representatives" are now referred to as "models." Of course they have - what else could you possibly call them.
Have you ever Google imaged "Abercrombie and Fitch" - it is pretty much pages of soft porn.

I later read that the Abercrombie staff spray the store and the clothes with this delicious scent - "Fierce" the signature A&F cologne - of course complete with a god like torso splashed across the bottle. Hmmm.... did I contemplate purchasing said cologne to spray on my pillow... but then I realised that was just way too creepy. But the rest of my American trip involved browsing every A&F store we came by...

Image is a lot in this world despite what some might try to believe and a ridiculously good looking sales assistant is going to sway you much more than the average face. I will be the first to admit it - I have bought many an item simply because the man that has served me somehow lured me in via his deep blue eyes, smooth and yet obviously insincere comments and immaculate dress. I similarly have a compulsion to buy something if I receive particularly good service. Yeah - I'm a sales assistant's dream.

The brand of Abercrombie know this and they aren't afraid to tackle the politically and morally correct. They have faced a number of law suits against discrimination and each time the CEO stands up for his brand and I salute him. Granted have you seen the CEO? He looks like a train wreck to put it lightly. He has undergone so much plastic surgery to look like the All American jock that ironically he just looks like an experiment gone terribly wrong. But he's proud of what he has and he's sticking by his guns - good looking sells and Mr CEO isn't shy to admit it.

There are some things in life where I truly believe looks are everything. I'm sick of this argument that flight attendants should not need to look pretty - of course they do! If I'm on a 18 hour flight I don't want some obese woman heavily walking down the already too narrow isles. I want a beautiful face to greet me with a barbie doll smile telling me everything is going to be alright, you haven't woken up in hell just yet.

The obvious one is of course models - photo shop them in magazines, prance their ethereal bodies on the cat walk and plaster them up on billboards - do it all, I don't care. It is an industry whose sole foundations are good looks and selling beauty.

Those people who try and sell you things in shopping centres, movie stars, tv hosts, weather girls, singers - it's a world of shallow proportions and outside beauty and I truly believe it has a rightful place.

We mere mortals struggle on in life because that is simply the card we have been dealt. We have to try that little harder to get where we want to go. Unfair - yes but untrue - never.

Cheers to the blessed faces, perfect bodies and dashing physiques - I think you know how lucky you really are. And if I'm honest, although I have many a murderous thought towards you, I'm not quite sure what I would ever do without you.

O and since we are on the topic of sex sells - I now have a gigantic preference for the brand Dockers for one reason alone. Whoever says celebrity endorsement is stupid - they are in some serious denial. Dockers decided on the perfect fit for their brand - "wear the pants" is their slogan and who better to masculinely model -
In that moment my two worlds of fashion and Bear (yes, a world in it self) collided. How I wish there were Dockers stores in Australia - to walk past him in a shop window...mmm goood things would happen...or bad, I could very well get run over (so maybe it is a good thing Dockers isn't here)
Check out the campaign here:

See you all Sunday.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

TT: Indulging

Hmmm... it is actually something I have not done in a while. Surprise surprise!

I'm really sorry but this is going to be a very short post. Personal issues are seriously draining right now. But it did get me thinking about my current diet.

I haven't been snacking or indulging on those treat worthy foods lately. It is strange because it is not like I'm consciously ruling them out. I'm not saying I don't grab a bar of chocolate every once in a while, or nibble of crackle if its there but I don't seem to go out of my way if I'm craving something fatty. It is really rather odd...

I use to be a huge midnight snacker - my go to were these deliciously artery clogging grilled cheeses. To be more precise it was 2 slices of buttered white bread (and I mean buttered on both sides), a slice of cheese whacked in between and then I'd whack it in a pan to fry, squishing it together with a spatula. Seriously it was magical! I haven't made one of those in quite some time.

Strangely if I'm feeling peckish I tend to grab myself an apple, or grapes - or one biscuit rather than the whole packet. But I'm not doing it out of obligation. My brain and stomach must have changed personality. Or maybe it is just a faze - I can be rather faddy at times. But hand me a packet of what could only be called fat inducing / indulgent foods and I will still finish it - don't worry I'm no model weigh out my calories kind of girl - never will be. But I'm just not going there as much as I use to - I very good thing most likely :)

Anyway, my mind isn't completely with it this Tuesday and inspiration isn't exactly on my brain's agenda so I best leave you. Maybe tonight I might indulge in one of them fried cheeses....?

Food is so interesting though - it can change ones mood instantly. I wish I could divulge random thoughts but I'm sticking to the food/fashion plan and so far I have been pretty good - I don't stay committed to things very often - so this is a first for me.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and I promise my Friday post will be much more enjoyable and worthy of your time.


Sunday, 8 April 2012

SS: A Hidden World

It is street style of a more architectural kind today.

I'm pretty big on touting Brisbane when I'm in the mood. After an overseas trip - yeah I find Brisbane pretty boring but give it a while and I begin to see its' beauty once more.

The photo above is of the Goodwill Bridge - we are often referred to as the city of bridges and its' a fair description. You can walk the Victoria bridge which links the city with South Bank - look right and you will see another 2 bridges, look left and you will see yet another 2 bridges and the glimpse of a third. Yeah! We like our bridges.

There were mixed reviews when the Goodwill Bridge was complete. It is a rather odd designs. Some undercover bits, some odd triangular protrusion that looks like we are trying to communicate with extraterrestrial beings and there's this random kink in the whole structure. But to be honest I don't mind it - it's different and it says "hey, so what! I can be confused!"

I was relaxing in my favourite new spot at Southbank when I saw these two paddle by - it isn't something you see ever day.

Anyway, so where is this hidden world? As part of Brisbane City councils push to bring life back into Brisbane and to prove it deserves to be deemed an equal amongst Melbourne and Sydney Brisbane is getting a shiny new paint job. The council has begun a project to renovate little known Brisbane laneways. Those dingy little alleyways you see in crime shows where a women is raped, drugs are delivered, gun shots are fired - yep! These unsavoury laneways are being turned into beautiful sanctuaries where happy social behaviour is the only human activity performed.

This is Burnett lane - nestled amongst Albert Street just off Queens St something is a buzz! There is authentic German Sausage, a bar that screams underground class, a place where you have to be in the know, a rustic kind of magical restaurant/bar The Survey Co which embraces the laneways colourful history. A cafe named Brew hidden amongst the other end - it's all cool faces, indie tunes and a relaxing place where the hip Brisbanites mingle amongst good coffee. Art work is splashed across the old forgotten walk bringing new life and the boring old pavement has been attacked by a loving artists hand. It still has a long way to go but these laneways are on the rise and I for one am oh so proud of what my city is becoming!


Friday, 6 April 2012

FF: A Shoe Confession

Like every girl I love a beautiful shoe BUT unlike every girl I don't have a ready compulsion to buy dozens of shoes. Now I know shoes can actually make or break an outfit and I know the amount of dresses I have in no way correlates to the number of shoes I have.

In all honesty of course I would love to own more shoes then I do - to clear the air I'm not one of those shopaholics who exaggerate when they say "omg, I have like 50 pairs of shoes; that's like totally nothing at all" Seriously I'm not sure I even have 10... well at least that I can wear on a regular basis.

You see I'm somewhat lazy when it comes to shoes. I'll buy the generic ballet flat in a neutral colour because I know it is going to match 80% of my wardrobe. Or I'll be in the mood for pretty, fabulous, sparkliness and I'll go out and purchase sky high heels that are ridiculously impractical and yet sculpturally artistically beautiful. I'll take them home, strut around feeling like that couple of 100 was so worth it and then they will just sit there looking pretty. I might wear them once for a special occasion; come home feeling like my feet had just experienced World War III and yet still satisfied for all the comments I received.

So you see I'm rather stupid when it comes to shoes - and I'm also a little weary of feet - I'm not going to detail this but I just think they are not a very pleasing part of the human body.
Comfort is a major part of my shoe buying - I need comfort for everyday use - I think my feet have some sort of fetish for blisters; for I seem to get them way too easily.
I walk A LOT! I love to walk! So naturally comfy shoes are necessity! The ones photographed above are my current favourite! It is like I'm wearing nothing at all! You can just see evidence of age as the fabric is starting to erode away. Another one of my many habits - wearing the same pair of shoes day in day out and soon finding them looking like I rummaged them out of the trash...

Yeah I'll walk the shoe department with diamonds in my eyes wishing for the day I can afford some Christian Laboutins but somehow my brain will always tell me I need another dress over a pair of new shoes. It really is rather silly of my brain, for when I come home with my new dress it soon dawns on me I have no shoes to wear it with!

I realise that this is quite a defamatory confession to be making. For what girl immersed in the world of fashion would have the bravery, nee the uncharacteristically stupid behaviour of not buying shoes or to be admitting she sometimes wears thongs to places other then the beach... god forbid Vogue reads me now...

I'm trying so hard to conquer this habit for it is rather detrimental to ones overall image. And as I said, I'm not a hater of the shoe I love the shoe - it is simply that it never seems to be a priority when really it sometimes should be. So feet - I know I have been ignoring you and I know you haven't always been the bell of the ball but give it time and hopefully you will grow up and find the spotlight and revel in all kinds of pretty!

I'm going to apologise in advance for my SS this week. Unfortunately there are no stylish people :(
So I have substituted with some street shots of a lesser known Brisbane... please forgive my lack of fashionable faces - I felt as if time was stolen from me this week.


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

TT: Hot Cross Buns!

Remember when I told you about the baker brothers? Well I've obviously purchased their book and I just couldn't wait to try out their recipes!

What better way then to start things off with festive cheer. It's Easter! Which means my talent for eating copious amounts of chocolates is challenged and I'm verging on overload. For many years now I can longer boast receiving a wickedly high amount of Easter eggs - according to society I'm too old for that. So it's up to me to receive my chocolate goodies. Naturally I need the traditional chocolate eggs but more maturely I buy many a block of lindt and more importantly a gold lindt bunny - in dark chocolate of course!

And what's an Easter without hot cross buns! And what would make them even better? Why not add chocolate! Whoever thought of that could possibly be one of the smartest people to ever live! People complained - saying it was sacrilegious - me - well I felt like it was created by heaven itself.

This year I decided to challenge myself - I'm not famous for bread making (the last time I attempted bread it turned out like volcanic rock) but I am all about showing the world (or maybe myself) what I could be capable of if I just tried. Tom Herbert wrote that wooed his now wife with these hot cross buns - now that is the way to a girl's heart!

With nervous anticipation I set out to make these glorious treats. Due to uni and life obligations I only managed to squeeze in baking time as of 4 hours ago. . I can still smell the sweet scent of mixed spice in the air.

For a first effort I'm really quite pleased. Much room for improvement - a think a little extra mixed spice and maybe some mixed peel. But those brothers truly are some kind of fabulous.

Well I'm off to indulge in sleep. Happy Easter!


Sunday, 1 April 2012

SS: Whimsical Looks

Brisbane streets were an adventure this week - I found some winners. Whether that meant more late nights finishing assignments or naturally failing into the notorious student trap of leaving everything to the last minute (I'm a veteran student so I like to think I have a right to. Or, that I can handle the stress).

Walking around the mall this couple took me by surprise. We all know how much I love vintage so naturally this girl stood out from the dull Brisbane crowd. Right down to her perfectly applied make-up, she could be pinned right up on a wall.
Her friend complementing her nostalgic whims with a more modern silhouette but that bright red is so wickedly daring! Thanks girls for making Brisbane bright.

Ooo don't you just love it when someone mixes things up. I love this textural mash-up. Lace and wool, plum stockings and aged weathered brogues - my goodness it's playful and daringly unique. Go figure she's a fashion student!

There is something about this bum-y indie kinda nomad look that always seems to catch my eye.

This girl stood out of the crowd - I'm such a fan of wedges!

Loving this pale blue number - it is relaxed tailoring at it's finest - naturally; employed at a bespoke suit store. Take a page from his book lads someone knows how to change up the casual suit.