Tuesday, 27 March 2012

TT: Spongey Goodness

Don't you just love a sponge? Of course you do, we all all do. It conjures up images of perfect spring afternoons, a tete a tete in the courtyard, birds chirping away, tea being poured, gossip being exchanged and garden parties being arranged.

But what I am introducing to you today is no ordinary sponge. Think of the lightest texture, the airiest of feeling, that bounce when your hand lightly presses down on the little beauty.

This recipe is from my roots - no I didn't get it from the follicles of my hair. It is actually a Chinese cake. But don't panic - it does not require any such exotic ingredients - it is in fact ridiculously simple.

Now I won't tell you the tricks of the trade (I'm a little too selfish for that) but I will tell you it seriously involves little - eggs, sugar, flour, vanilla essence, baking powder, cream of tartar and vegetable oil, oh and some more eggs - seriously that's it. I'll give you a hint - as I am poor and cannot afford one of them fancy Kitchenaid mixers (seriously that is my hardcore kitchen porn) my arm felt like it was going to fall off from holding my electric beaters for a very long time!

Also another tip when baking sponges - never grease your cake tin!!! It takes the air our of your mixture. This requires a special tin which allows me to turn it upside down to cool - if I'm honest I'm not 100% sure why this step is required but I'm taking a stab in the dark and guessing it is to do with gravity - if your cake is upside down while still cooling it can't sink. huh, I just sounded like I have some common sense (I really didn't think I had any of that).

Personally I love to just chow this down after it's cooled - just slice a piece and tear it up with your hands it's that light but you can make is all fancy cakey. Simply cut it in half, spread with whipped cream and pieces of fruit - such as kiwi, peaches, strawberries or melons and then top with more cream, fruit and flaked almonds.

It was my brother's birthday so that is what I set out to do. Enjoy the photos!

Here is the cake plain - I love how feather light it is and it's great just as its' natural self -

But just like humans a cake has its' formal occasions and birthdays are like weddings. She was dressed in whipped cream with a little dash of sugar and vanilla essence for that extra pop and embellished with a layer of kiwi fruit and strawberries. And you can't go to a formal event without some bling so to finish the look fresh kiwi, strawberry halves and peaches adorned the cream like a jewel encrusted veil.


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