Tuesday, 6 March 2012

TT: Breakfast Love

Breakfast or brunch has to be my favourite going out meal. I'm actually addicted to bacon- always have been. I count it as one of my favourite smells in this whole world and to quote Lee Mack "If God wanted us to eat fruit, he never would have invented bacon" - a truer sentence has never been spoken - yah - total Bacon junkie! So it's only natural breakfast be my favourite meal. Now as you already know I love cooking at home but sometimes a gal has got to spoil herself and give in to the world of cafes, waiters and chefs. Sometimes, I make the effort and cook a full English breakfast - muffins, baked beans and all and other times Sunday calls for freshly made pancakes served with your choice of anything really - sugar and lemon (my fav!), blueberries, ice cream, jam, cream, maple syrup, golden syrup, fruit... Nothing like buttermilk pancakes in your pyjamas on a slow and steady Sunday morning! But sometimes you just want someone else to do the hard work.

I love going out to breakfast more then your other set meals because of the atmosphere. I'm a bit of a morning person so clear blue skies, birds chirping to the beautiful sun and people waking up to a brand new day is my preferred drug. As I walk the banks of the river - see the families passing by, the children playing and little me skipping around in my own pool of happy thoughts and smiling at the promise of that wonderful cup of coffee. I think Brisbane is a very breakfasty city - the hordes of lycra ridden cyclists can rest their muscles at the numerous cafes along the way, families can sit freely knowing they are welcome, groups of friends can get together over great coffee and wonderful service and single diners can sit and have a leisurely meal in a room with nothing but pure delight and look upon the sunny streets of Brisbane relaxing in blissful solitude.

So if you are ever in town here are some fabulous breaky destinations that should kick start your morning and hence the rest of your wonderful day (I'm not turning into a cafe reviewer so I'll just quickly mention a few - I'll leave it up to you to google them)

The Gunshop Cafe as West End boasts a number of awards and has a unique menu full of local produce and is reminiscent of traditional morning meals of the motherland. But be prepared to line up on a weekend.

Piaf at Southbank has a loyal clientèle and there is no mystery as to why. It's a small cafe own by a very passionate man and has a simple French inspired menu. The freshly squeezed orange juice is divinity and the location is perfect for your gal pals to gossip.

Pearl Cafe at Woooloongabba is where you go to splurge! It isn't your average bacon and eggs joint - it spoils you with exotic flavours and meals only yuppies would understand.

The Spanish do fantastic breakfast - I mean seriously who wouldn't want chorizo with a sunny side egg on top? A fairly new addition at South Bank is Ole - it has a wonderful atmosphere and a fresh menu.

O and boy do I love establishments that serve ALL DAY BREAKFAST - seriously, those three words are magic to my ears. What sane person wouldn't want the option of having bacon at any hour of the day?

I'll be seeing you for FF where it's off to another fashion week



  1. Looked at the menu of Piaf at Southbank - is it normal that french fries are called 'Pommes Frites' in Australia ? That's what we used to call them in Switzerland ... but Australia? Anyway, looks like some interesting places if we every make to the other side.

    1. Haha no it isn't common place to call fries pommes frites here. That tends to be only on the menus of yuppy places or french restaurants. The everyday person and cafe use the more universal word - fries and chips :)