Tuesday, 20 March 2012

TT: Baking the Muffins and the Cookies

Mmmm muffins and cookies - how delightful!

So this weekend I played with the flour and sugar and said hello to the electric mixer once again.

On today's menu we have yet another two recipes from the wonderful world of the Hummingbird Bakery. First up maple syrup and pecan muffins. I don't make muffins that often - I sometimes call them the ugly rather less less unsatisfactory cousin of the cupcake. But alas how could I pass up maple syrup and pecan! It's one of those perfect pairings. True enough - all those bits of pecan topped with a generous drizzling of maple syrup made for excellent in-oven cooking aroma as well as a rather delightful flavour.

Who doesn't love a cookie - whether you prefer them crunchy to the bite or soft and gooey a cookie is always welcome.

I made peanut butter cookies using crunchy peanut butter to give it that extra textural element and old gold dark chocolate bits to give it that luxuriously adult taste. Seriously, a glass of cold milk and freshly baked cookies on a Sunday afternoon - now that's my kind of relaxation.

Also a reminder that this gal is back at uni and is seriously depressed at all the assessment she needs to complete (who may already be behind...)

So bare with if my entries are a little lack lustre, short on words and photos or plain dusty in the back cupboard dull - university really is the bane of my existence. BUT I will remain consistent and I will deliver three days a week swear on my love of bacon!


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  1. "BUT I will remain consistent and I will deliver three days a week swear on my love of bacon!"

    I have beeen admiring your discipline and consistency in posting ever since I read this blog for the first time. You made a plan and stick with it, great stuff!