Sunday, 4 March 2012

SS: Loving Their Look

Like any run of the mill girl I love a good suit. It implies importance, power, strength, stability and some sort of income. So naturally the suit is one of the best and most timeless outfits a man could wear - let us not dwell on the particulars of that comment but rather marvel at the streets of Brisbane.

I'm not one for the metro-sexual man but I grant you they do pull off a little sparkle when it comes to the sartorial department - I just love the pop of colour in his yellow socks

One man in a suit? TWO men in a suit - well that's just once in a blue moon. Ok, I might be exaggerating but these two men just looked important and they are obviously going to be worth a snap -

I loved this girl - she was simply well put together - it's not overly fashion forward but somehow she caught my eye and I couldn't help but smile. I love the combination of burgundy and black -

Cropped jeans! They are wonderful when someone can pull them off. This cool cat does! And he gets extra ticks for his stylish optical accessory ;)

I love the tattoo culture and this girl shows her heart on her sleeve - she knows who she is and there was this manner about her that just seemed genuine - a true individual

This is your typical Queen St Mall sighting - young friends. Or; more offensively we could call them youths, adolescent miscreants or plain evil teenagers but either way they are entertaining and if anything they have spirit and freedom. Be who you are dear teens for your spirit is admiring, refreshing and hopeful -

Tuesday we wake up to smells and tastes of bacon...



  1. Love the way you observe regular streetlife and pick interesting details. Not sure I like the yellow socks on the guy with the suit though ... and what's up with the sole of his right shoe hanging down it he front? ;). Nice captures.

    1. Thanks again Pras. Yeah I noticed that about his shoe sole - I found it amusing - worth the shot.