Sunday, 25 March 2012

SS: It's Unique

Remember what I said about uni assessment? Yep well this is evidence... sorry for the lack of photos but I found Brisbane streets a little lack lustre this week.

So I love when people are a little out there, I love when people express themselves no matter the consequences. I think your average person, your average girl at least would find bare feet in public absolutely revolting. I think it's self expression. It's standing up for oneself and being comfortable in your own skin. I'm not saying we should all forego dressing our feet but I have nothing against others who choose to. I wouldn't - for one I sadly care a little too much about how society perceives me, two I'm simply too scared of what awful infection I might catch. But I say hey we are all individual's and in that free for all American sense - we all have equal rights, we all have freedom of expression so let your feet free if that's what you want!

And here is vital proof: I also snapped this because I he stood in that square for quite some time just waiting, I love watching everyday things just past you by - it isn't anything important and yet it is a moment on one's life that although insignificant, rather interesting.

I warn you this next photo is not what you would call the best but you get the picture - I love love the colour burgundy (insert nerdy fact: The tenth doctor who aka David Tennant wore burgundy coloured converse, oh and you have to say burgundy in a Scottish accent). Anyway, this full maroon number was oh so chic and a revelation of pant and vest colour matching.

I'm not sure I've truly expressed my opinion for stockings and tights (maybe I could dedicate an entire FF to them in the future) but I cannot get enough of them. I won't hark on about them here for I fear I wouldn't be doing them justice but if there is one thing in my winter wardrobe I couldn't live without it would be these magical beauties - so many colours, styles, wools, deniers....
Ain't these a fine example of the magical stocking. little sparkles adorn the calf adding that extra pop to your outfit. Lovely addition, I commend my fellow tight wearing gal.

In other local news:

Lee Kuan Yu World City Prize held in Singapore named Brisbane amongst the seven finalists for most liveable cities. The judges were impressed by the urban design and innovation of this little place. I'm feeling pretty proud to call it my home and no other Australian cities were mentioned - you go Brisbane - it's like the little train that could.

A hearty Brisbane goodbye and I'll see you on TT for sweet fun.


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