Sunday, 18 March 2012

SS: The Individual

I absolutely love people who are themselves. There is no veil in front of them. They walk out their doors naked to the world. We are all individuals and yet sometimes some of us don't want to be.
Fashion let's us express ourselves and those who dare to express precisely their own character should be rewarded. As I walked the streets I couldn't help but smile at how different we all are - how unique we should be and how clothes can express so much.

This girl was unique indeed. laid back cut, gold embellished bolero and bright red flower shining in her hair - it was all a little Spanish - maybe she's a fiery character, maybe she's full of exotic notions - whoever she is she knows it.

This woman stopped to fix her shoe and as she did she seemed so classy. She looked so lovely in that classic combination of brown and white, holding a sun hat you would see at the royal boat race. It was simple and yet it was perfect.

I loved these three women - they were walking side by side - -possibly 3 generations of women laughing, gossiping, caring. Their colours were so bright, their manners so ladylike.

I adore old men. They stay true to who they are. When they were young they wore a suit - it was the only thing to do and as the years go past they still believe in past thought. They still take to the city in full dress.

This woman was a pop of excitement! These are people I love! Individuals who are brave enough to stand above the crowd. That pop of hair, that splash of red under a stark white blazer - she was working the person she is - she was shouting to the world - she was giving us exactly who she is and how she wants people to treat and perceive her. I love her and I can only imagine how exciting her stories are.


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