Sunday, 11 March 2012

SS: Finding Brisbane

So it's March - autumn! It's a gorgeous season but Brisbane hasn't really dropped in degrees yet - it still very much a saucy summer. I cannot wait for the chill to come (well, what little chill we get). As I walked the streets I came to appreciate the architecture of my city. I tried to be a tourist in my own country - it was rather refreshing - actually, it was beautiful. So today I have a couple of funky people and scenes sometimes missed by the everyday local.

Ok, so yeah I might have a sick obsession with construction men at the moment but come on - three men in filth ridden hard working boots walk past - of course I'm going to snap that -

I loved these pants - I'm more often than not a girl of comfort and these looked oh so comfy!

I love the head scarf - I see so many young girls embracing their culture and bringing fashion to the forefront. This daring blue combination felt just like Brisbane weather.

Now this was a funky girl. White Doc Martens, a Beatles denim shirt and maroon pants - yeah she was rocking it like the late 1940s itself!

As I sat on the mall I looked up to discover a bit of history. Now simply filled with stores these buildings were once businesses and rather pretty ones don't you think? I tried to imagine what these streets once looked liked - the fashion of the day, the gentlemen, the ladies the scruffy boy selling newspapers - to travel back in time; a dream I think we all have.

And on the other scale of the spectrum - a more modern apartment block stands brightly on a street corner - calling to the passer-bys as if to say "smile! This world is meant for colour" -

See you for Tasty Tuesday!



  1. ahh love the trousers too! lovely pictures too xxx :)

    1. Hey! thanks so much for commenting