Friday, 16 March 2012

FF: It's Melbourne's Turn

So scaling it down a bit (or maybe 20x ) we have come to my dear country and what does Australia have to offer? Melbourne is a lovely city - it reminds me of London and Melbournites are so very proud to live there.

It's a fashion hub and a thriving Mecca of opportunity. So it's only right I cover their fashion week. And no, contrary to stereotype and corny advertising we are not a population of Akubra wearing, Drizabone country folk. We are rebels. fashion conscious, punk, independent, chorus loving - we are sponges soaking up the world of fashion - we dare to dress however we choose.

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The usual suspects hit the runway and they were a right bunch at that. Australia is a great place for emerging fashion - we do pay the exorbitant price though.

Arthur Galan AG went for modern lines and leather trims. It was class, understated and very Arthur.

We come now to Aussie cool. Breezy fabrics and gossamer threads with a hint of grunge. Mmmmm that's nice! First off we have Alice mcCall - scalloped edging, nudes and naturals - it's Aussie lax at it's max.

Similarly Lui Hon brought grunge to breezy fabrics with this contrasting number

Gorman - a brand synonymous with ethical fabrics didn't miss a beat with layers of muted tones and unique prints. And I absolutely adore the sock / wedge look!

Melbourne takes pride in new talent and the graduate program saw some stunning creations. This structural dress by Natalia Grzybowski is oh so daring, yet wearable. It's juxtaposition at it's best.

Alex Perry - a veteran of the Australian catwalk blessed us yet again. Despite his odd and seriously pointless trademark of wearing sunglasses on his bald head he knows fashion and he never fails to stun us with deliciously extravagant evening gowns.

Let us not forget the men - Zanerobe went for the relaxed man. The man who woke up to find some jeans on the floor, comfy go to shoes and that coat he knows will look like he put in somewhat of an effort. He grabs his rugged duffel bag and heads out the door. I love it!

Queen of burlesque Dita Von Teese is in town and her collection of lingerie for target was so very Dita! Hell I might even walk into target to check it out. Target isn't exactly the kind of place you would normally see me buying lingerie... The show looked amazing - the models were strictly forbidden to wear fake tan and class was the word on everyone's lips. Thanks for gracing us with your presence Dita.

Toni Maticevski is a favourite of mine and his recent collection is no exception. It was all stunning, it all belonged in my wardrobe of dreams - cuts so artistic you could call it Michelangelo, fabrics so soft they could be but feathers floating in the breeze, textures so detailed I could simply melt. My heart was full - thank you Toni!

Watch out! I'll be saying hello in two days.


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