Friday, 9 March 2012

FF: Paris Polish

Yep! The fashion weeks are coming fast and today we arrive at the wonder that is Paris fashion week. Paris is not the city for me - try as hard as you like - no one will ever convince me. It's a hopeless cause - it's like asking a baby a question and expecting a coherent answer - it's impossible. But as much as I dislike the place I admire it's pretentiousness - why? Because a city cannot be deemed great for nothing. Its' beauty is simply not mine. But you cannot deny it must have some je ne sais quoi to be labelled most visited city in the world. Just like Milan I think you have got to be rich to enjoy the beauty they may possess. Alas, I do not. I'm grateful to have walked the streets of Paris and I'm not regretting my visit - I would not regret a visit to any country but I'm not going to yearn for each and everyone of them. I'll give almost everything a go once.
So in usual style I shall tell you I don't rate the city of love, the city of lights - call it what you will for me it is simply Paris and for me it is just a five letter word of little importance.

Enough of my sceptical opinions let us talk runway beauty (again all images are from or -

Azzaro for Mathilde Castello Branco's debut collection was...a little bit meh. Nothing to shout to the Gods about. But I did love this playful number, a quirky print card suits - such fun!

Balmain - a bit like Dolce and Gabbana Balmain went for a Baroque influence and I'm not overly impressed at the collection as a whole but I do very much love this dress -

Carven - the colours spoke to me - burnt oranges, olives, sky blues, dusty pinks and damasked reds. This was so on trend and I could happily part with my precious money for these beauties -

Lanvin - well thank you Alber Elbaz for keeping the drama in fashion. This was everything Mr Elbaz is - over the top, eccentric and daring.

Viktor & Rolf - WOW! I just wish I was there to see this in person - the stage show alone is fashion at its' utmost glamorous. With the moon as a backdrop of course you are going to get the odd extravagant garment but it was so well themed - I give thee snaps! -

Kenzo - after I heard the news Magnolia bakery cupcakes were given to the guests (as in Kenzo flew the bakers over to Paris to bake them!) I knew this was going to be something special. I mean, escalators were involved! All I can say is I WANT THIS COLLECTION! And the best part - designers Leon and Lim have stated we need more "accessible luxury"! Hooray!

Manish Arora - it was modern street graffiti splashed across a runway. I'm not sure it was exactly to my liking but I love difference and I have such respect for the brave -

Christian Dior - as the rumours over who will be the next creative designer for Dior continues to rock the fashion world the house showed no signs of change - this was everything I need in a collection. It was feminine, it was glamorous, modern yet classic and it was true to Dior.

Mugler - one word: structure. Dresses that looked more like buildings and looks that seemed straight from Lady Gaga herself. Modern and so 21st century!

Sonia Rykiel - a simple yet effective colour palette, feminine woes and chic lines - of course Papilio was going to approve -

Nina Ricci - I loved the runway - it was rustic and slightly sinister and yet somehow earthly and comforting. But enough of the floor the clothes were also to my liking -

Chanel - Karl you have done it again! Again, you wowed us with your dramatic stage - all crystals and mystery. And then you wow us some more with unique looks, odd gossip causing eyebrows and children too. Mr Lagerfeld you really are a genius.

Ellie Saab - modern corporate looks and stunning floor length gowns. Pretty sure this was one impressive show -

Quick! Someone fix the time machine we seem to have transported to the 70s! Miu Miu went psychadelic and I'm not exactly convinced this will hit mainstream but nonetheless I rather like it (on the models that is) -

John Galliano - let us forget about your silver tongue but really? a bird on a head? Ha! Fashion will always go there! But I mean you aren't meant to go out and fashion a bird on your head so snaps Mr Galliano this look was daring but well executed. There was 20s influence and again colours of earthly tones and bygone eras -

The Alexander McQueen show was commonly described in one word - ice! So too was it's dramatic gowns and ornate pieces - of course Burton wowed yet again. I know - this aint practical - but McQueen never was and yeah silver visors might not be everyday wear but it was the show that mattered. It felt like a fantasy - it felt like a place we could all escape to. The dresses were drama - they were a Shakespeare tragedy - a single bunch of bright red flowers amongst a barren land. McQueen is McQueen - it is meant to be another world. I mean look! It gets me all poetic.

And just for laughs a couple of not so great looks -

Vivienne Westwood - she's like Paris itself - on the outskirts she's all dirty, beggar ridden and not quite right and along the Seine with cash to burn she can be deemed rather beautiful on occasions. This time round she was plain odd - I know she's known to be rather crazy but honestly I don't even know where to start with this - there are just too many levels of wrong -

We all feared it, we all saw it coming - Kanye West was going to screw up the industry that is fashion. Sure enough he succeeded. Really Kanye? You want women to wear cat woman costumes? Maybe you should stick to the recording studio.

I'll see you in two sleeps!


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