Friday, 2 March 2012

FF: Milan Darling

Unlike most girls the French accent doesn't make me weak at the knees - it's nice, I won't deny that but it's overrated. Meet a true arrogant Frenchman on the streets of Paris and you will understand. Anyway, enough of my frivolous views we've got fashion to discuss!

Oh Milan how you reek of extravagance, materialism and all things classy fashion week once meant for such a place.

Jil Sander - clean lines, pastel colours and stunning cuts with modern simplicity this was oh so Milan -

Marni - it's a busy house what with their collaboration with H&M but this collection was beautiful. Girly, playful and polished. I'm a sucker for white tights and prints so Marni was always going to delight me -

Moschino was a little cowboy Chanel inspired - who would have thought such a combination existed. But as weird as it might sound the marriage worked and Moschino

Salvatore Ferragamo - black, black and more black. We all know I'm a colour girl through and through, so black doesn't exactly get the juices flowing but I liked the austerity and military throwback this collection had and a few little feminine touches as well -

At Prada things were a little different - check out that geometric purple floor - I love a good dramatic touch! I'm not convinced coats and pants are going to work though. And I'm not all Prada in love right now. This number was my pick -

Alberta Ferretti displayed a collection not exactly revolutionary but the craftsmanship was clear and the panelled dresses, the pleats and the chiffon and layered fabrics were still a sight to behold -

I have never been a Gucci fan and I'm still not overly fussed. But this stunning black number I'd wear to any ball any day -

hmmm Fendi... did I like it? I'm really not too sure. It's just I'm honestly not sure where you would wear tribal inspired skirts to? But snaps to the idea and this look was one of the more tone down sensible numbers -

Giorgio Armani - made me smile! It was a very different collection for the house but it was fresh and I love change. Full of tailored suits, brights and daring combination.

Dolce and Gabbana... "how do you spell gabbana?" Oh Devil Wears Prada - how I love thee.
It was luxury if ever I saw luxury defined in a garment. Think Renaissance extravagance, Baroque detailing and gold, black and whites gleaming with lace and Sistine chapel-esque prints. Then they came in droves - a finale reminiscent of some historic battle scene - that's one stylishly gold army! Oh my was it stimulus for the soul and I think little Andrea should surely now know how to spell Gabbana -

See you for SS!

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