Friday, 30 March 2012

FF: Mad Men Madness

Hmmm.... I really do love alliteration.

Anyway, so as you all know I am now once again complete. That gap in my heart has once again been filled. Mad Men returned this week! A 2 hour special of magical proportions - I cannot sit still as I am writing this nor can my mouth hide a smile - that is how much I love this tv show. Sometimes I think you can't simply call it a tv series, because it is just so much more.

The story line is beautiful and artistically brilliant - if only I could write like that. The actors are superb (don't get me started on the painfully talented likes of Jon Hamm (Don Draper) and Elisabeth Moss(Peggy Olsen)). The sets are breathtakingly accurate to the era and this leads me nicely into the period costume!!!

We have come into a new era as Mr Draper leaves the 1950s into the rather psychedelic 1960s we see a change in the air. Ok, so I think I much prefer the 50s but there is something about the 1960s that I love - and that is of course colour and print. I am not one to shy away from your brights or bold prints. So naturally the colours of the 60s are right up my alley.

Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant must have somehow created a time machine for her accuracy is spooky! This show would be nothing without the precise costume detailing - it would just be another fabulous drama - Matthew Weiner you are a God! Add all the fabulous elements together and you've got something extraordinary - you've got Mad Men.

Sometimes I sort of see Mad men as a kind of religion - those who know it worship it, those who've heard of it don't exactly get the hype and those who know nothing about it don't know what they are missing out on.

These are some of my favourite outfits from the series return (that took it's sweet time)

check them out here -

Joan (Christina Hendricks) can make anything look good and Don said it so - "buxom" is what she is and she truly is something. Not everyone could pull off such a bold print and that pink could just look cheap yet slip it on Joan and she works the room!

I love how gorgeously playful this dress is - Trudy Campbell plays the perfect supportive wife but that suit Pete's got on might be just a little too loud...Let's leave it to the women to wow us with daring designs.

Loving this orange and cream combination on a young Mrs Sterling - I actually love this couple (even though I'm not sure you are suppose to). And that's the kind of suit jacket that never goes out of style - that's some wonderful sartorial style you got Roger.

Mondays are now one of my favourite days! - Thank you tv for making the start of the working week bearable!


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