Friday, 23 March 2012

FF: Arise Fashion Week

What's that? Where is that? All good and perfectly understandable questions to be asking - it's in Nigeria! A week sponsored by Arise Magazine.

Yep that's right. So What does Africa have to offer to the world of fashion? It seems a lot.

We often stereotype people as well as countries - it can be a rather racist gesture and you couldn't really blame someone for thinking there is no fashion week in Africa. So lesson learned - there is and it is a celebration of culture and new beginnings. To me the designs looked like passion - it looked as if they picked up their pen and pad and conjured up images of beauty and traditional landscapes, using local talent and resources.

Take a look at someone the highlights. I absolutely love how the designers are showcasing the country, the feel, the textures. It's baby tiny for now but wait a couple of years and soon Africa will be amongst the rest.

As a true blue Aussie I'm a bit of a sucker for the underdog and I love supporting small businesses - so hop to it Lagos - we love what you have to offer.

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