Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Vegas Nights and San Francisco Bay

Vegas is definitely meant for tourists and I do believe two days was plenty enough for me. I stuffed myself on sinfully cheap buffets, saw a show that could in all honesty be deemed life changing - the one and only 'O' by cirque du solei and explored The Strip with true tourist behaviour. It is the biggest adult playground - sin all you like in that city - what happens in Vegas MUST stay in Vegas.

My luxurious lodgings -

That iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign - you got to be a geeky tourist sometimes -

The Bellagio and the beautiful fountain show - lost count of how many times I watched it!

Every hotel celebrated Chinese New Year with decorations fit for Emperors -

Inside the Venetian - it seriously is a rather accurate interpretation of Venice, I was thoroughly impressed -

Only in Vegas would little Minnie be on the streets smoking and drinking -

San Francisco - that little city by the bay. It has a rather unique feel about it. Culture seems to thrive there - artists and musicians flood the streets amongst the sadness of the homeless. A little bohemian sort of district explodes with colour and interesting people who might have had a little too much "prescription" drugs... of the green kind...

Across the Golden Gate lies a beautiful little paradise made for the rich - it's called Sausalito and it seriously reeks of money.

Then you've got rows and hills of wonderful architecture - these grand and character full Victorian style houses flashing their colour and unique facades.

It's an interesting little place full of seaside cool and vibrant neighbourhoods.

Classic rows of San Fran houses (and for the tv buff these are seen in the opening credits of Full House) -

The sea lions just chilling by the bay -

Scenes from Alcatraz -

The Golden Gate Bridge - San Fran really brought out the weather for us second day round -

I'll see you either tomorrow or Friday night for my last American brag. It's Los Angeles and the happiest place on Earth time (for those of you a little slow ... I mean Disneyland!)


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