Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines Victory?

Just one more indulgent little rant before we get stuck into the real Papilio 2012 tomorrow.

Victory for Valentine’s day? It seems unlikely; it has no victory in my books.

It’s all a load of marketing spawn. It’s a day for businesses to thrive – for florist to up their prices, for restaurants to bring in the big bucks and for women to show off their “amazingly loving” partners. And it seems an ever increasingly celebrated day - as modernity grows so too does our ability to fall into social acceptance and egotistical self displays.

I have never wanted to celebrate Valentine’s day, or for that matter, any day of planned love. Anniversaries don’t even faze me. This is going to bring out my utterly romantic side – but honestly in my opinion – days shouldn’t mark worth.
Why create a day to express ones love when one should simply express it on a whim, on a spontaneous thought, on any given Sunday?

It is a silly ploy, an endless day of stupid actions from men who are acting simply out of obligation. Even the romantics – they do it simply for the show, even if it is on a subconscious level. We all want for social acceptance, for showing off and for touting one’s “perfect” life. And why is it that it is the men of the world who have to perform these obstinate acts, these gestures of love? Why be it one sided? I feel for men in relationships on such days - they are expected to perform so much, to spend spend spend and to go above and beyond, to tower over his mates gifts and in the end to be the bringer of jealousy in the eyes of her friends, enemies and colleagues.

The only time I admire actions of love on Valentines day is when it is performed in private - when no one else is around to see it. It is small but worthy of something. When grand public gestures are made, when flowers are sent to offices, when songs are sung in open spaces - it is all for show, it is saving face, it is pure Valentine's extravagant coupledom rivalry.

So, valentine’s day for me is and has always been and will always be a day of nonsense, a day that need not be celebrated, a day that seems rather crude, selfish and irrelevant. I have never understood the romance behind it and I never will. It is so planned, so socially ingrained.

It isn't a gesture of love if it is expected. It is all for show and that is why I despise it.

I'm not a pessimist and I believe in relationships and the like; but I care not for a show, for women showcasing their happy lives. Take it behind doors; it isn't worth the trouble.

I’ll have my Tasty Tuesday post up tomorrow – which I assure you will have nothing to do with food of love and no mention whatsoever of the “significance” of tomorrow’s date.


  1. Always fun to read your stuff :)

    What can I say - hopeless romantic? ... not.

    Unfortunately it's all too true and the same goes for a lot of holidays. We stopped celebrating them all together, my wife barely remembers my birthday (what great thing did I actually accomplish that day?).

    Gifts from stores don't carry much emotional value anyway, since they did not require any degree of thoughtfulness. "Honey, I bought you an iPad to show yo my love!" Hardly.

    Anyway, it's a beautiful day in New York City, time to get outside ... or at least to the gym on the third floor :).

    1. Hey. Thanks for continuing to follow and comment on my blog, means a lot.

      Hope that after the gym you went out to explore the beautiful streets of NYC.