Tuesday, 28 February 2012

TT: Restaurant at Home

Here in Australia people are really beginning to get the whole good food thing and men and women all around are picking up there saucepans and rocking there mix masters full speed. I for one are part of this crowd - well I've tried to up the anti that is; I have always been a lover of the kitchen - don't even get me started on my love of chefs.

So Friday night I got my domestic goddess on and hosted a dinner party for the girls. I'll never get sick of playing 1950s housewife - in a way it isn't me at all - but let's leave that feminist discussion for the diary. So apron on and stove on high I'm dishing up a three course meal with love.

We sipped on Moscato and home brewed berry ice tea - I adore a home cooked meal, and I adore the company of close friends.

Entree was warm figs stuffed with goats cheese, walnuts and honey served on a bed of rocket and prosciutto salad that I lightly dressed with a simple balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing. A perfect starter to get the taste buds in the mood. And the best part - it's oh so quick and easy to make -

Main course was hearty and perfect for the rainy weather we were delightfully having. Slow roasted spiced lamb shanks with a potato puree. I let this simmer away in the magical appliance that is the slow cooker for a good 5 hours - letting the lamb simply fall off the bone and melt in your mouth -

And to finish of the night I served up a silky coconut and vanilla panna cotta with a home made blueberry and blackberry gelato. I loved loved loved making this luscious gelato - it was rather therapeutic stirring the custard, mixing and blending up the berries, then watching the mixture churn away just minutes away from creamy heaven. And the panna cotta - if you aren't an idiot you shouldn't be able to stuff this little dessert up, cream coconut milk, vanilla pod and sugar with gelatine to set. A few ingredients and bob's your uncle! you've got a fabulous dessert. If you like you can serve it the less traditional way and pour it in a glass to serve or you can be brave and let it set in a mould and turn it upside down to reveal an ever so slightly wobbly little tower -

To make up for the weekend's mishap I've got a special extra post for you tomorrow ;)


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