Tuesday, 21 February 2012


It has been a while since I was able to bake so this weekend was a delight!

Coconut is such a beautiful little thing so it seemed only right it should incorporated into my favourite meal - dessert!

I baked this for my mum's birthday: it was a first attempt but I think I pulled it all together:

Coconut Meringue cake: those two ingredients just screamed heaven so I had to attempt this snowy white mountain - he was calling and he was rather difficult to climb. Three layers of cake, 7 glossy beaten egg whites, a whole coconut and a half to crack open and shave and a dash of fresh coconut syrup later this was the end result.

Next time I will definitely be more liberal with the meringue and the syrup - because who doesn't love sugary white goodness and sweet coconut.

Next Tasty Tuesday I have a treat! A three course home cooked meal - I love a good dinner party.


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