Sunday, 5 February 2012

Lessons from America

I'm back in dear old Brisbane and already suffering from USA withdrawal symptoms. There is just something about travel that fill up all those empty spaces, all those restless moments and unfulfilled dreams. I have had the best two weeks and as always I wish to reflect on what I have learnt, experienced and discovered both of myself and of the world.

So I'll be honest America was never up there in my wish list of countries to visit - only the famous New York City was but now that I have been I have seen its' many virtues - it is a country who is proud to be what it is, it is a place of big things, kind people and all things patriotic. I use to hate that American patriotism but when you see it in action - when you see all those beautiful memorials and tributes you begin to understand why. You begin to see the reason for all that patriotism.

So two weeks in the land of the free I have come away with a pretty damn awesome picture of this great country. I fell head of heels for New York City, I have met some of the kindest people I have ever met and I have experienced some great many things few could say they have. I have devoured American cuisine despite the increase waistband and I have laughed constantly and smiled throughout with my closest friends and new ones along the way.

I have felt like I was living a movie, a romance of big cities, a feeling of freedom, a world that was so different to my own. America might not have the history and architectural beauty of Europe but there is something rather wonderful about it. The nostalgia of the silver screen, the celebrity culture and the movie scenes - I have been there, I have smelled the air and I have taken it all in.

So how is my opinion of the accent? It used be a little negative - now I'm rather loving it - I won't lie, some are ridiculously harsh, not great at all but New York - some Americans speak rather nicely. And boy am I going to miss being called mam! But I will most certainly not miss tipping.

So I am so definitely made to travel - I already miss it. I miss being new in a place, I miss getting lost, discovery little gems, trying new flavours and waking up in a new city. And being an Australian is fabulous - well stereotypes are pretty true and a travelling Aussie tends to always get a fair amount of attention and kind service. Being a young Aussie girl adventuring around America was one hell of a journey. Now back in Brisbane I'm just another local, a face in the crowd - no longer exotic.

I have come away from this trip with yet an even greater hunger to travel (I didn't think it could get bigger). I have learnt even more so what makes travel is often the people you meet and not the sights that you see.

Three girls bashing about the United State of America - causing trouble in Vegas, living the dream in New York City, exploring dear San Francisco and celebrity spotting in Hollywood and let's not forget reliving our childhood in the land of Disney.

I have had the best two weeks a girl to ask for and I thank you dear world for all the diversity you bring, for the people you create and for the wonder you make. There is still so much yet to see but it shall not be long - this girl will make sure of it.

Sorry I haven't posted any photos but I will do so very shortly - because you must see the beauty of New York!

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