Friday, 10 February 2012

Hollywood Sights and Disneyland Lights

Like I mentioned before I wasn't really into Los Angeles. I wasn't exactly gelling but I was still liking the exploration. The feeling of celebrities and all those famous movie locations. Pretending to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Women, letting my feet soak up the feeling of Santa Monica beach and walking that boulevard with star studded eyes and knowing I was stepping on actor galore cement!

The stars along Hollywood Boulevard -

Sunny Santa Monica Beach -

Chilling on the Santa Monica Pier -

This old man gazed out at the ocean for so very long, here was a man with a story -

The famous California palm trees line the way -

Yet another beautiful example of American military tributes -

Mann's Chinese Theatre -

Ending my trip with child like whimsy was the perfect choice. Stuffing my face in theme park food and reliving all of my favourite Disney moments. I shed a tear (or two) while watching the world of colour and I was sure in a world of happiness. Thank you Walt Disney for everything you created - where would children be without you, where would I be without you? The world would be a much less brighter place.

Relive the magic - welcome to a world of tomorrow.

My ticket to the happiest place in the world -

The great man and his humble mouse -

A Disney worker and his merchandise cart -

You can't help but smile at such a world of colour -

Spotted on a backpack of a newly wed couple -

One of favourite things about Disneyland is this - little girls playing princess for a day, it truly is a world where dreams come true -

California adventure park under the night sky -

This marks the end of my official American posts, I'll be back Tuesday for the beginning of new look Papilio - hope you are excited, I know I am ;)

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