Sunday, 26 February 2012

FF: London Cat Walks

Firstly a gigantic apology - it seems that something happened to my FF post and technology seems to have failed me so sadly here it is on Sunday. I have spent yesterday and today trying to rewrite all that was lost so hope you will forgive me.

I use to think London was the best city in the world - well now I can't decide between it and New York. Both with their individual beauty, both with different delights and both with the promise of something more than just big city life. So it seem I cannot afford to decide - looks like I'll simply have to hope between the two :)

So it was London's turn to mingle in the world of fashion and what a week it was. Enjoy the best and not so best of London fashion week. Again all photos are from

At House of Holland was all about the brights and what a lovely modern twist on the classic hounds-tooth -

Jonathan Saunders collection had hints of tennis club influence and a pleasing earthy palette but this orange number was my number 1 -

If it is good enough for Michelle Williams then it's good enough for me. But it isn't about who's sitting front row at the shows it's about the clothes and Mulberry was not exactly winning. I love fur but there was simply too much of it but maybe that's just me. Here's my pick -

I wasn't loving Christopher Kane's collection - it was all a little too modern, a little too space age for my liking but this little number was the gem in the rocks -

Erdem - now this was my kind of show - it screamed ladylike, modern and such a pleasing colour palette.

I know I said I love practicality when it comes to fashion and Mary Katrantzou's collection wasn't exactly the most wearable but the execution and tailoring behind these pieces were simply a marvel.

I am a huge fan of Temperley London and she's done it again! It was oh so English, timeless, opulent and unlike Mr Jacobs the models were wearing rather suitable and appropriately sized hats -

I have saved the two of the most British labels for last and oh were they a couple of beautiful shows.

If you are still mourning the passing of dear Alexander McQueen don't be for he would be looking down with pride in his eyes for his legacy lives on. Sarah Burton has continued to keep McQueen relevant, wonderful and simply magnificent. She's stay true to his taste and she's added Burton magic. The McQ collection was simply divinity. Fashion is often deemed art - you could take that hair, place it on a pillar and call it the Mona Lisa. This dress was a stand out -

Burberry - is there a more British fashion house? I think not. This quintessentially English is in some very capable hands; for Christopher Bailey has brought this history house into modern times. He has created a collection that speaks Burberry classic and yet brings new life to the classic trench. The colours were Burberry through and through and of course complete with the obligatory and yet utterly gorgeous coats. And if you thought it couldn't get more British - Burberry made it rain, with models equipped with the finest of umbrellas. Oh; and who doesn't like a Burberry man. Sorry I couldn't choose one or two outfits - I simply cannot get enough of Burberry - I could have more Burberry than I could eat chocolate - and trust me that is a lot!

Now here's where it goes wrong. Surprisingly though there wasn't too much of eye soar glory; maybe designers cater to the English conservative nature but there were some hiccups.

At Peter Pilotto this little number was meant for the five year old dress up box or the streets of sesame, a multi coloured fur number? No, just plain no -

Meadham Kirchhoff would have to be on some sort of shroom to create these pieces. It was disco, meets a little girl's craft box, meets mardi gras, meets transvestite, meets some sort of circus on some serious acid. This is when fashion can be a complete joke -

Once again apologies for FF being on SS I'll see you for TT :)


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