Friday, 17 February 2012

FF: It's New York Fashion Week

Remember the time I fell in love with New York? Remember the time I wanted to move to New York? Well that time is back (it never really left)! And I'm yearning even more for the big city lights because it's fashion week!!!

Following the shows closely (from the sad comfort of my Brisbane home) I have culled and culled until I have picked out my favourites and not so favourties...

I know there is an endless plethora of people blogging, commenting, shouting to the heavens on fashion weeks but hey what's one more? Plus, I do love a fashion show - front row seats to one? That's on the dream list for sure.

(All photos are courtesy of and

Despite what some choose to believe Mrs Beckham is a talent. I loved the entire look of her show; from the models to the runway she knows what she's about -

Alice + Olivia - it's young, it's colour and it's me -

Michael Kors was all about the thick layers and heavy materials for a northern hemisphere winter but this little number was the one that caught my eye -

At Jenny Packham she brought back the glamour of the 1940s and I adore it! I couldn't choose just one delectable dress from the collection so here's two of my favs.
Will we be seeing this on one of her most favoured clients? Duchess of Cambridge I hope you're watching.

Chris Benz isn't very well known (to me anyway) but I think I like this man's style - give me bright colours any day and this girl is sold -

Rodarte: well who would have thought the New York runway would be splashed with dresses inspired by the Aussie outback.I loved the collection for the difference, it felt new and in a way - alternative.

Karen Walker - hailing from little New Zealand Walker has come a long way to get to the shores of Manhattan and thank goodness they found her. How terrifically exciting is the colour orange!

Donna Karen's show was modern, masculine chic; structured; dark colours and powerful. With a power to the woman playlist rocking I was beginning to get it but I'm not that keen on the masculine look for females but I commend her

I have always been a great fan of Preen and this season is no different. This was a collection I could simply wear, nothing too fancy and everything just lusciously feminine. It's me in a dress! Check out the entire collection at fashionista or nymag.

I wasn't begging for more Zac Posen outfits but I was loving the models makeup -

Diane Von Furstenburg - she's a bit of a veteran when it comes to NYFW and this year she's gone for colour blocking and sophistication and yet again she conquers -

Kate Spade really has a distinct brand and I love how she never shies away from that. She informed the media it was French inspired - but I think maybe it's a little more than Parisian austere - it's Kate and it's love -

Ever since I caught Derek Lam on my radar I've kept him close because boy has he impressed. His show was called "The Library" and this girl would be deemed one hell of a stylish librarian (as if she'd ever be one!) -

Oscar de la Renta - now here is a fashion veteran - he's 80 years old and still going strong. A wide colour palette was used and extravagant evening dresses were present - it simply wouldn't be Oscar if they weren't -

Vera Wang - again a lot of the outfits were completely wearable but I had to choose this gorgeous evening dress - can you imagine the talent and love behind it.

I have saved one of my favourite shows till last... I know I said I love wearable fashion and Marchesa was not something I could slip on a Monday morning let a lone a Friday night but it simply left me speechless. I can't imagine how breathtaking these garments would have looked in person. And really, if I was some sort of Queen I'd don these any day!

I couldn't just show you one so I limited it to three. Check out the rest online for it is simply divine.


So I'm usually the biggest Marc Jacobs fan but this time he went too far. For me, fashion, even catwalk fashion needs to be somewhat wearable. Mr Jacobs usually wows me with feminine cool but this time round I'm not quite sure where he's going. How in the world does this flatter the feminine body? And why on earth would you wear a hat that looks like a fur coat? -

Even Marc by Marc Jacobs disappointed a little - it was just too austere and dull for me. I'm not completely shunning it but I simply wasn't feeling the love. I know it was suppose to be all modern lines and military inspired but to me it came across as ill-fitted and much too plain.

There is something a little off about Rachel Zoe's collection. It feels somehow dated - I mean seriously do we really want to be wearing black flared leather pants? Either way, in her words I would not "die" for it.

I have saved the worst for last -

What has got to be one of the most unwearable, outrageous and "I can't believe it" collections - Jeremy Scott. It's utterly painful to watch and yet you can't look away as your mouth drops open reacting to the acid colours, the insanely costume like cuts and since when was Bart Simpson deemed fashion? It was pure insanity and this is when I wonder what the fashion industry are really thinking, what really goes through the minds of designers - are they really even human? Why on Earth would this even be a showcase - for what sane person would ring Mr Scott and say "OMG, I need that unicorn dress right now! It would be perfect for a dinner date"

So that was seriously the tip of the ice berg - the amount of shows that go on in the streets of Manhattan is simply too much for one fashionista to handle, plus I've got to run - all this talk of fashion is making me want to hit the shops!

There's my first New York Fashion Week round up, hope you devoured it all up.
See you Sunday for my own fashion snaps.



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