Thursday, 2 February 2012

Childhood Dreams

Its my last hours in America and I'm so very sad to say goodbye.

The past two days I have been the biggest kid prancing around Disneyland as if I were 6 again. I love Disney, more so I adore it, it makes my life that little bit more magical. As I took to the entrance that childish smile painted my face and I couldn't help but jump up and down. I saw the Walt Disney and Mickey statue set against the wonderful backdrop of the famous Disney castle. I took photos with characters and sung at the top of my lungs to songs that made my childhood days.

Those who loose the magic, those who cannot enter such a wonderful place without childhood whimsy have lost their spirit and I feel utterly sorry for them. As we watched the world of colour water fountain show for the last time it was the perfect ending to a magical holiday. As the songs played in the night air and famous Disney scenes were splashed across the water I was feeling pretty emotional - embarrassing... Maybe... But there is something about Disney that does wonderful things to me.

America I'm going to miss you so very much.

I'm psyching up for another long haul flight. When I get home I'll write a concluding entry on my fabulous journey.

Xx and I'll be writing to you soon.

Wish me luck for a horrid 14 hour flight.

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