Saturday, 21 January 2012

From One Big City to the Next

Well two nights in Vegas - two nights in a place of sin, extravagance and pure money. A place where I didn't think iwould actually exist.

We saw cirque du solei O show at the bellagio and I really can say nothing - for I'm still left speechless - It was like nothing I have ever seen before - well worth the price and something that I will truly remember. 

So as I watched the fountain show for the last time I thought - what a hell of a city. 

And now from one big city to yet another - arguably the most famous of them all. New York City. As we exited the airport there I saw a blanket of snow and it was the perfect beginning.

The best cab driver ever told us stories and the beauty of New York. "one thing that is bad about this city - you come once and you never want to leave" 

A lucky early check in was achieved and everything ran without a single bump. Off we went into the blistering but thrilling chill of the streets of famous New York. Since the weather wasn't exactly suited for sight seeing - shopping it was! What's a girly vacation without copious amounts of shopping? 

So as we explored the wonders of fifth avenue along the snowy streets of manhattan I was living the dream. 

This girl is suffering from much sleep deprivation but shed like to say - New York I think I might love you and I can't wait to explore your layers further! 

Sorry I can't post photos but soak it all in through the words. 

Love from the city that never sleeps (although little me might just have to say goodnight) 

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