Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Family Christmas

Nothing else in this world feels like Christmas. No other day of the year can compare.

So the lead up to Christmas is always pretty fabulous. There is that festive feeling in the air, the night before we are always wrapping up some last minute gifts, playing Santa and anticipating the events of the morrow. I also have a rather strange semi recent new year's eve tradition. While others are out with friends waiting for the clock to strike midnight, some celebrate Christmas on the night over a wonderful dinner and others quietly stay in. Me - I'm alone; curled up in my pyjamas, with a hefty amount of custard and other guilty foods surround my body and I strap on in to watch the Victoria's Secret show. I know! Sick, stupid and an utter mistake. But I do it every year as some sort of self punishment but all in all I'd rather the custard then their diet any day.

So anyway, just like an over excited child I sleep with a smile on my face - tomorrow will always bring happiness. I wake up bright and early and I don my special Christmas outfit - we always make an effort to swish in our red and greens! It's a full day for the Papilio household - it's breakfast with immediate family - we do the works - lashings of bacon, bread, mushroom, eggs and this year some home made hollandaise sauce. I baked my traditional shortbread, mini gingerbread cupcakes, my grandma's rum filled Christmas cake and a new addition (because I have got to throw in a little English) - spotted dick pudding.

After we stuff ourselves with deliciousness, drink too much champagne punch and read out those horrendous bon bon jokes, it's present opening time! It is always such a sight to behold - there's wrapping strewn across the floor, piles of present you thought you could only dream of and smiles and laughter to power the world. The little new addition to the family - my little baby nephew made Christmas even merrier. As he sat in his little elf suit and looked around with awe, wondering - why is everyone so happy? Soon, he will see the beauty of Christmas, give it a couple of years and this little boy will be staying up late watching out for the sound of sleigh bells and leaving out the milk and cookies ready for Santa.

Then as we digest we get ready for yet more food. This year we were off to my Aunty's house for lunch - whereby the tradition remains, the presents are given, the ham, the turkey, the seafood is devoured, the stories are told and the love is shared. THEN (yep - there's more!) we are off to dinner to mum's side of the family - where togetherness is once again achieved.

Now, I'm no avid Christian - no where close, so why do I love Christmas so much? If I'm honest I've never celebrated Christmas for the real traditional reason (please don't hurt me!). I celebrate it for the family - for the feeling you don't get any other time of the year, for the food cooked for this one special day, for the wonderful giving, for thanking those who have put up with you for the year, for reflecting on what you have done, for seeing those you don't always get to see - for love, good times and all things in between.
I love my family Christmas. And no matter where I am in this world, at any age I will always come home for Christmas!

Enjoy the photos and I'll see you tomorrow for some holiday fun - only one sleep without me; hope you can handle it ;)

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