Sunday, 8 January 2012

It's a Beach New Years

I love getting away to ring in the new year - there is something so right about it. Last year I said hello 2011 with friends and thousands of others on the streets of Edinburgh. This year, I've got some friends, some sand, some hot sunshine weather and one wonderful piece of paradise.

Before this holiday I can't remember the last time I gave my skin the wonderful warmth of the Aussie sun and world renowned beaches; so this was such a treat for me - I forgot how relaxing sun, surf and sand really is.

So we made the most of the Aussie summer - fish and chips on the beach, pool side relaxation, feeding the gorgeous cockatoos on our balcony each morning, watched the sun rise, an awesome rough and ready boat ride to Whitehaven Beach - one of the best beaches in the world - walked along the finest of white sands and snorkelled along a reef full of beautifully coloured fish and coral.

As we greeted the year of 2012 I could not have wished to be anywhere else in this world. This holiday taught me a lot (as they always tend to) - about my life - I love it! I am grateful for my friends, my freedom and as patriotic as it may sound - my country.
So here's to a positive thinking, life changing and fresh new year. It is a new beginning, a new me, a new lease.

Feel free to be green with envy at my holiday happy snaps!

Rainbow and a view - what more do you need!

The sun saying good morning behind the mountains and the bird saying hello - truly bliss.

The semi inflatable rib we took out to Whitehaven - what a ride!

Hope everyone had a lovely start to the new year and I'll see you soon for USA adventures.

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