Thursday, 19 January 2012

It's All a Little Glitzy!

As I left that horrible long haul flight - they really must find a better way to travel (and I mean a way that isn't first class and that is affordable for the general person) 

But all things considered it was a pleasant journey - thanks virgin australia! 

Let's skip all the mundane details of flying and finally after 20 hours we have arrived in sin city - Las Vegas and oh my goodness it is the most overwhelming place I have ever been. 

My eyes didn't know where to look, too many lights, so many colours, just an incredibly ridiculous amount of stimulus. 

An upgrade of a hotel room - top floor at the mirage, a fabulous view the most softest and comfiest of beds - this girl is most satisfied. 

Despite the tired eyes we explored the town. Yes, like most tourist coming to America - I pictured movies everywhere, tried to spot the celebrity and hummed all those songs on America. 

As we stood to watch the beautiful fountain show at the bellagio - I sat and thought this was the exact place George Clooney and Brad Pitt once stood. Pretending to be apart of the Oceans 11 gang, singing Mr Sinatra, walking the strip and wondering what a city. Who would have thought - let's build casino heaven in the middle of a dessert - really? That would have been one interesting pitch.

So here we are - thoroughly tired but already full of new adventures, one fatty burger digested, a bucket load of fries digested and a pocketful of green ready for action and a mind full of empty ready to be filled. 

I'll see you as often as I can spare taking my eyes away from all the glitz and craziness of US of A! 

I'll be in touch xx

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