Monday, 30 January 2012

Happiness in Hollywood

Well here I am in the land of plastic surgery and hair extensions and if I'm honest I'm not all that keen on the place. There is a certain feeling you get when you land and the streets are lined with the famous palm trees and you feel that star like presence. But it isn't exactly a place to live.

The architecture is very dated and the feel of the streets is oddly fake and slightly off. I can't quite put my finger on Los Angeles but at the same time I'm so very glad to be here.

I live just around the corner from all that is touristy - the Kodak theatre and Manns Chinese Theatre - I walked the star walk and let's not lie - I loved checking out all my favourite actors. I saw the Hollywood sign and I took a bus tour around and of course as I walked I kept an eye out for celebrities - no luck unfortunately.

I shopped the famous rodeo drive and pretty woman was playing through my head. I strolled through the wonderful grove - a place in LA that I do find gorgeous - with it's famous farmers markets and oh the cheesecake factory - how I love thee and it's food, cheesecakes, ridiculous portion sizes and value for money!

I have walked along Santa Monica beach and strolled the pier. The sun has been shining brightly on Hollywood - the photos are so odd considering it's winter - who would have thought you could get a tan in winter.

So I've seen the famous Beverley hills shield and that Hollywood sign, shopped the highest of luxury streets, tried to spot a celebrity and walked where Hollywood stars have walked. I have loved being in this city but I believe I have seen all that I wanted. LA - I have liked my visit but I do believe you can keep your little spot in the sun to the stars (and plus let's not lie - you stole a good proportion of my wallet).

Next and final stop Anaheim - where all my childhood dreams will come true.
Disneyland here I come!!

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