Sunday, 29 January 2012

Clam Chowder Country

So after saying my farewells to dear New York I was off to the west coast to San Francisco.

As we stepped out of the airport there was an immediate change - I was definitely somewhere new. San Fran has a sort of peaceful city feel about it. I love the architecture - can you imagine saying - "yeah I live on that bright blue house on the corner"

I took a hop on hop off bus due to my short stay. Good value for money and great tour guides. Walking along fishermans wharf is simply beautiful. Watching the sea lions just chilling on the bay, all the fresh seafood, fabulous street performers, all that sea side character and that clam chowder - seriously I do believe I might have found heaven in a sourdough bowl.

I took a ferry to the infamous Alcatraz and listened to one of the best audio tours I have experienced. A wonderful old man also briefed us on the place - imagine growing up on Alcatraz and a father who experienced near death as a warden during a famous escape attempt. Such a sad place that saw so much.

The golden gate bridge looked stunning in the bright blue sky with the sun shining down and the fog just clearing.

I got my tv nerd on as I passed the houses seen in the opening credits of the 80s tv series Full House. Only one on the bus who knew about it - hell yeah!

So I'm waiting to board my last American flight to the land of pearly white teeth and glamour and I'm reminiscing on all that I have seen and experienced. San Francisco is a city full of so much character, New York is simply a wonderland of endless possibilities and Las Vegas is most definitely an adult playground, a fantasy in a desert.

So what will Los Angeles bring - you'll just have to wait and see.


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  1. Finally got our Internet back :). Been following your journey on this blog; great to see you're enjoying every minute of your trip!